Library Card Information

Residents of Wilmette and Kenilworth are entitled to a Wilmette Public Library card for personal use. (Library cards are NOT issued to households.) 


To obtain a Wilmette library card you must 1) present one photo ID or two other forms of identification: all IDs should show your current Wilmette or Kenilworth address and 2) complete the application form at the Circulation Desk. Wilmette residents' library cards are valid for three years from the month of issue and Kenilworth residents' library cards are valid until a specific date (currently June 30, 2019).


Children under high school age must be accompanied by a parent when applying for a card. A parent (or guardian) is required to sign the child's registration, thus accepting financial responsibility for materials checked out to the child.

Lost, Missing, or Stolen Cards

Please do NOT lend your card to others. Materials checked out on your card become your responsibility. Please report a lost, missing or stolen library card immediately by contacting the Circulation Desk at 256-6947. 

Right to Privacy

To the extent permissible under current law, 1) it is the policy of the Wilmette Library that a patron's library card number will not be supplied, by staff, to any other patron and 2) all records relating to your library card and the materials you borrow are confidential.

Loan period, Renewals, Fines, & Fees

Material Loan Period

Books: 3 weeks exceptions noted below
Audio Books: 3 weeks
CDs: 3 weeks
Children's Holiday Books (in season): 1 week
Interlibrary Loan (fee varies): Varies
Kits-book/cassette or CD: 3 weeks
Lyric Opera materials (in season): 1 week
Magazines: 1 week
Nooks: 3 weeks
PlayAways: 3 weeks
Records: 3 weeks
Hot Picks: 3 weeks
DVDs (Children's Room): 3 weeks
Feature DVDs/Blu-rays: NEWER (those shelved in the lobby) will be checked out for one week (no renewals) at no charge. Limit 5 per library card.
Feature DVDs/Blu-rays: OLDER (those NOT shelved in the lobby) will be checked out for for 3 weeks (renewals ok)
Feature DVDs - Obtained from other libraries through interlibrary loan will be due one week after check out.
DVDs/Blu-rays (non feature films) 3 weeks
Wii/WiiU/XBox 360/XBox One/PS3/PS4 Discs: 1 week

Renew Items

in person, by telephone (847-256-6947), or through the catalog, see "My Account" feature. (You will need to know your library card number and, the password is patron, unless you have changed it.) Please note, some items, such as NEW materials and items on reserve for other patrons, are not renewable.

E-Mail Notification

With your Wilmette Public Library Card you can now receive e-mail reminders of your upcoming due dates, overdue items,and notice of the availability of your reserved titles (FOR ITEMS CHECKED OUT AT WILMETTE ONLY). To learn how to activate this feature, sign up for e-mail notification or call 847-256-6947 for assistance.

Text Message Notification

You can now receive text messages from Wilmette Public Library when your reserved items become available.
You will receive a single notification about items that become available on a particular day. Text messages will not include the titles of items.
To sign up for this service, please go to the Circulation desk, call the Circulation desk (847-256-6947), or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your account information and the relevant cell phone number.
If you sign up for this service, you will not receive emails about reserved items. All other email notifications will continue.

Remote Book Drops

You may also return most items to the remote books drops located at Plaza del Lago near the entrance to the Starbucks and the Wilmette Community Center, 3000 Glenview Rd, Wilmette, IL, in the back parking lot.  (Do not return iPads and Nooks at the remote locations.)

Daily Fines

Daily overdue fines are .10 per item. The overdue fine for feature film DVDs or Blu-ray is $1.00 per day. Fines for Nooks and Wii/XBox 360/PS3 discs are $1.00 per day. Daily fines for Interlibrary Loans may vary.

Maximum Fines

Maximum fines are usually 1/2 the item cost.

Lost Items

Lost items usually require the full replacement cost.


  • You have ten or more overdue items.
  • You have an item or items overdue that create a bill of $10 or more
  • A special message has been put on your card's record in the computer
    which a Circulation staff member will be able to explain.


If your library card is not registered in the Wilmette library computer system, you will be asked to present a valid library card and two forms of identification showing your current address.


In 2006, the Library Board decided that the library…” will issue non-resident cards to homeowners and renters in (1) villages or unincorporated areas that do not have tax supported library service or (2) villages or unincorporated areas that have tax supported library service but wish to enjoy full service from WPL. A person residing outside of the public library service area must apply for a non-resident library card at the public library closest to the person’s principal residence.” A copy of the individual's current tax bill is needed to calculate the fee for a non-resident card.

It is our sincere desire to serve you. We hope each visit is a pleasant experience and we welcome your comments and suggestions!

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