Science Fiction for Grades 3–5

Books can be found in Children's (J) Fiction, shelved by the author's last name.

Author Title Call Number
AndersonWhales on Stilts
Racing against time, shy Lily and her best friends must foil a madman's plot to conquer the world using an army of whales. (188 pp.)
J Anderson
BallBlast Off!
Zack's life is turned upside-down when Amp, a tiny alien, crash-lands in his bedroom. (144 pp.)
J Ball
BransfordJacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow
Jacob and his friends find a spaceship crashed in the woods, leading them on a series of adventures. (281 pp.)
J Bransford
BrownStanley in Space
When a far-off planet sends a message to Earth, the President of the United States asks Stanley to be his ambassador. (102 pp.)
J Brown
ChangCelia's Robot
Surprised by her father's gift of a robot, Celia comes to appreciate its help...until it suddenly mysteriously disappears. (211 pp.)
J Chang
CrilleyAkiko on the Planet Smoo
Akiko is whisked away to a distant planet and put in charge of a mission to rescue the kidnapped Prince Froptoppit. (162 pp.)
J Crilley
DaleySpace Station Rat
An escaped lavender lab rat and a lonely boy meet on an orbiting space station and become friends. (181 pp.)
J Daley
FieldsLunchbox and the Aliens
Lunchbox is an ordinary basset hound until he is abducted by aliens and zapped by a mental enhancer. (183 pp.)
J Fields
HautmanThe Flinkwater Factor
Ginger investigates a series of weird events taking place in her town, which is overpopulated with geniuses. (256 pp.)
J Hautman
HawkingGeorge's Secret Key to the Universe
George and his friend travel through a computer portal into outer space, where they must evade an evil scientist. (297 pp.)
J Hawking
JungUnidentified Suburban Object
Korean-American Chloe wants to learn about her heritage, but it turns out the truth may be too much for one girl to handle. (272 pp.)
J Jung
KingThe Incredible Space Raiders: From Space!
Jonah thinks he's being trained to destroy the Entirely Evil Things of the Dark Zone, but there's more at work than he could guess. (176 pp.)
J King
King-SmithHarriet's Hare
Harriet's life on an English farm changes when she befriends a talking hare that is really a shape-changing alien. (104 pp.)
J King-Smith
A group of kids discover that their ideal crime-free community is connected to some of the greatest criminal masterminds ever known. (368 pp.)
J Korman
L'EngleA Wrinkle in Time
Meg and her friends search across time and space for her father, who disappeared while doing secret experiments. (211 pp.)
J L'Engle
MassPi in the Sky
Joss, son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe, must team up with Annika, a human, to re-create Earth when it is accidentally erased from existence. (256 pp.)
J Mass
McElligottBenjamin Franklinstein Lives!
Victor discovers both a secret laboratory and Benjamin Franklin, who comes to life after receiving a jolt of electricity. (121 pp.)
J McElligott
ReeveCakes in Space
When Astra and her family move to a new planet, she must save the spaceship and its crew from man-eating cakes, aliens, and more. (224 pp.)
J Reeve
RexThe True Meaning of Smekday
After aliens invade Earth, Tip drives her mother's car to Florida with her cat and a renegade extraterrestrial named J. Lo. (423 pp.)
J Rex
RobertsThe Girl with the Silver Eyes
Katie discovers that she not only has unusual powers but that there are other kids like her. (181 pp.)
J Roberts
ScieszkaFrank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor
Robots Klink and Klank help genius Frank Einstein perfect his Antimatter Motor, until his archnemesis steals them for his doomsday plan. (179 pp.)
J Scieszka
ScrimgerThe Nose from Jupiter
A small, squeaky-voiced alien from Jupiter takes residence in Alan's nose, with surprising and funny results. (156 pp.)
J Scrimger
ServiceMy Cousin, the Alien
Zack wonders if his cousin is an alien prince being chased by enemy aliens disguised as bald, fat men. (152 pp.)
J Service
SmithAliens on Vacation
Scrub must keep the odd guests at his grandmother's Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast in line—and keep the nosy sheriff away! (251 pp.)
J Smith
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