Fathers in Books for Children

Picture Books (JE)

Author Title Call Number
BeatyKnock Knock: My Dad's Dream for me
A boy's father has left him a letter filled with advice to guide him through the times he cannot be there.
JE Beaty
BledsoeHammer and Nails
After her play date is cancelled, a young girl and her dad have a fun day tackling their to-do lists together.
JE Bledsoe
CholdenkoDad and the Dinosaur
A boy keeps a toy dinosaur in his pocket to help him be brave like his dad--but when the dinosaur goes missing, Dad knows just what to do.
JE Choldenko
CornwallJabari Jumps
In a tale of overcoming your fears, shows a moment between a patient and encouraging father and a little boy.
JE Cornwall
CotterBeard in a Box
Wanting to be more like his father, a young boy spends all of his money on a product that will supposedly let him grow a beard almost instantly.
JE Cotter
HinesDaddy Makes the Best Spaghetti
Not only does Corey's father make the best spaghetti, but he also dresses up as Bathman and acts like a barking dog. (32 pp.)
JE Hines
KvasnoskyLittle Wolf's First Howling
Little Wolf can't wait to howl at the moon to the top of the sky for the first time.
JE Kvasnosky
MayerJust Me and My Dad
Father and son go camping, but who is taking care of whom? (24 pp.)
JE Mayer
NorthBecause I Am Your Daddy
In illustrations and verse, lists some of the many ways a father, whether pilot or baseball player, could show his love for his child. (32 pp.)
JE North
PaulThe Plan
Coping with a loss, a father and daughter rediscover an important piece of family history.
JE Paul
RexYou Can Do Anything Daddy
After receiving assurances that his father would save him from increasingly dangerous and scary pirates, a boy reassures his father in return. (32 pp.)
JE Ritchie
ReynoldsIf My Love were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song
A rhyming celebration of the love between a father and son.
JE Reynolds
RosenbergTyrannosaurus Dad
Tobias's father is different from other dads, not only because he is a tyrannosaurus but also because he is busy all of the time.
JE Rosenburg
SaudoMy Dad at the Zoo
On their trip to the zoo, a young son tries to reign in his rambunctious father.
JE Saudo
SpinelliWhen Papa Comes Home Tonight
A father and child enjoy a range of activities together before bedtime. (24 pp.)
JE Spinelli
TaylorA Brave Bear
After suggesting he and his father go to the river to cool down, a little bear tries to impress his father along the way.
JE Taylor

Easy Readers (JE ER)

Author Title Call Number
MinarikFather Bear Comes Home
Little Bear goes fishing, has the hiccups, looks for a mermaid, and welcomes Father Bear home. (62 pp.)
JE ER Minarik
PatersonMarvin One Too Many
When Marvin refuses to go back to his new school because he is the only one in his class who cannot read, his father decides to help him learn by reading with him. (48 pp.)
JE ER Paterson
SeussHop on Pop
Pairs of rhyming words are introduced and used in simple sentences.
JE ER Seuss

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

Author Title Call Number
MossThe Dad of the Dad of the Dad of Your Dad
Story poems present adventures of fathers and their sons and daughters over the centuries from the beginning of time, into the future. (88 pp.)
J811 MO
RossAll New Crafts for Mother's Day and Father's Day
Learn how to make crafts for these special days. (48 pp.)
J745.594 RO
SmithMy Daddy Rules the World: Poems About Dads
A picture book of poems that celebrate fathers.
J811 SM
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