OLD - Pirates!

Shiver me timbers! This literary loot can be found in the Picture Book section, under author's last name. Nonfiction pirates lurk in J/Y 910.45. Arrr!

Author Title Call Number
Bardhan-QuallenThe Pirate Princess
Tired of the royal life, Princess Bea boards a pirate ship and sets out for adventure on the high seas but soon finds she is not a good buccaneer.
JE Bardhan-Quallen
BatemanFluffy, Scourge of the Sea
When Fluffy, a pampered poodle, is captured by canine pirates, he uses his wiles to convince them that he is in reality the "Scourge of All the Sea."
JE Bateman
BrownPirateria: The Wonderful Plunderful Pirate Emporium
Pirateria is a store that provides everything a buccaneer might want in the way of high-quality pirate gear.
JE Brown
ClickardVictricia Malicia: Book-Loving Buccaneer
Victricia Malicia Calamity Barrett's preference for dry land and her love of books perplexes her pirate family.
JE Clickard
ColeThe Trouble with Uncle
Uncle, who is a pirate, doesn't fit in with the other members of the yacht club, so he starts his own, buys a treasure map, and marries a mermaid.
JE Cole
DormanPirates of the Sea!
Cap'n Bones and his crew face sharks, a sea serpent, and more as they follow a map toward a real treasure.
JE Dorman
DuddleThe Pirates Next Door: Starring the Jolley-Rogers
When a pirate family moves to Dull-on-Sea, rumors of their strange behavior start to spread, but Matilda is happy to meet her neighbors.
JE Duddle
FoxTough Boris
Although he is a very tough pirate, Boris cries when his parrot dies.
JE Fox
FunkePirate Girl
Ferocious Captian Firebeard and his crew meet their match when they kidnap a girl named Molly.
JE Funke
Grossmann-HenselPapa Is a Pirate
A young boy is dubious about his Papa's claim that he is a pirate.
JE Grossmann-Hensel
HarleyDirty Joe, the Pirate: A True Story
Dirty Joe and his crew terrorize the seas in their quest for dirty socks but meet their match in Stinky Annie, whose favorite loot is pilfered underwear.
JE Harley
HelquistRoger, the Jolly Pirate
While his shipmates face their toughest enemy, Roger has a chance to prove himself in a most unlikely way after being banished below decks.
JE Helquist
KennedyPirate Pete's Talk Like a Pirate
In search of a crew, Pirate Pete and his parrot look for "stanky scallywags" who possess certain conversational skills.
JE Kennedy
KimmelRobin Hook, Pirate Hunter!
A kind and honest young pirate and his ragamuffin crew thwart evil pirates by rescuing and giving riches to the innocent and the poor.
JE Kimmel
KrollThe Pigrates Clean Up
Pig pirates work hard to get their ship and themselves clean for their captain's wedding.
JE Kroll
LaskyPirate Bob
Describes the life of a pirate, named simply Bob, whose job is to cut the steering cables and cripple the ships he and his shipmates will loot.
JE Lasky
LeuckI Love My Pirate Papa
A pirate's son shares the things he loves about his father, including climbing the mast together and sharing the booty when they find buried treasure.
JE Leuck
LofgrenAlvin the Pirate
Alvin sails off with a band of pirates who seem to think that he is their captain, and they all engage in a food fight with the crew of another ship.
JE Lofgren
LongHow I Became a Pirate
Jeremy Jacob joins Braid Beard and his pirate crew and finds out about pirate language, pirate manners, and other aspects of their life.
JE Long
MahyThe Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate
A man gives up his office job and runs off to sea with his old mother who used to be a pirate.
JE Mahy
McElligottBackbeard and the Birthday Suit
A humorous story of a rough, tough, and hairy pirate who gets some new clothes.
JE McElligott
PrellerA Pirate's Guide to First Grade
A young pirate and his crew embark on a grand adventure when they board the bus for the first day of first grade.
JE Preller
QuattlebaumPirate vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big Blustery Maritime Match
What happens when two of the fiercest pirates in the world find they can't out-insult, out-swim, out-throw, or out-treasure each other?
JE Quattlebaum
SeaworthyPort Side Pirates
Sail the deep blue seas with pirates while singing along to a catchy song!
JE Seaworthy
ThomsonPirates, Ho!
Pirates Peg-Leg Tom, Angus Black, Dreadful Nell, and One-Eyed Jack chase ships on the high seas and fall asleep counting gold instead of sheep.
JE Thomson
TuckerDo Pirates Take Baths?
Humorous rhyming answers to eleven questions about the life of pirates.
JE Tucker
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