OLD - History in Picture Books

These picture books, based on historical events, are shelved alphabetically by author in the picture book area. Many are good read-alouds for children ages 5 to 8.
Ackerman The Tin Heart    (U.S. Civil War)
Adler Mama Played Baseball    (World War II, U.S., 1940s)
Alda Morning Glory Monday    (Italian immigrants, New York City, 1930s)
Aston The Moon Over Star     (First moon landing, U.S., 1969)
Balit Escape From Pompeii    (Italy, 79 A.D.)
Bates America the Beautiful    (Song, U.S. History)
Birtha Grandmama's Pride    (Segregation, southern U.S., 1956)
Bunting Cheyenne Again    (Indian boarding school, U.S., 1880s)
Bunting Pop's Bridge    (Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, 1937)
Chall Prairie Train    (U.S., 1930s & 1940s)
Choi Peach Heaven     (Korea, 1970s)
Chorao D Is for Drums: A Colonial Williamsburg ABC    (Virginia, 1700s)
Cotten Abbie in Stitches     (New York State, early 1800s)
Davies Tricking the Tallyman    (Vermont, U.S. census of 1790)
Demarest The Cowboy ABC    (U.S., The West)
Drummond The Flyers    (Wright brothers, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903 )
Faulkner The Pirate Meets the Queen : An Illuminated Tale     (Elizabeth I, Great Britain, 1500s)
Fleming A Big Cheese for the White House : The True Tale of a Tremendous Cheddar     (Jefferson presidency, U.S., 1801 )
Fleming Boxes for Katje    (World War II, Netherlands)
Fletcher Dadblamed Union Army Cow     (U.S. Civil War)
Gaffney Wee and the Wright Brothers    (Dayton, Ohio & Kitty Hawk, N. Carolina, 1903)
Goodman The Train They Call the City of New Orleans    (Chicago to New Orleans by train, 1950s)
Goss When Mum Was Little    (Australia, 1969)
Hall The Farm Summer 1942    (New Hampshire, World War II)
Hershenhorn Fancy That    (Traveling portrait painter, Pennsylvania, 1841)
Holiday God Bless the Child    (Great Depression in U.S., 1930s)
Homan The Tuskegee Airmen Story    (World War II, African Americans)
Hopkinson Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek : A Tall, Thin Tale (Introducing His Forgotten Frontier Friend)     (Kentucky, 1816)
Hopkinson Apples to Oregon : Being the (Slightly) True Narrative of How a Brave Pioneer Father Brought Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Grapes, and Cherries (and Children) Across the Plains     (Pioneer life, mid-1800s)
Howard The Log Cabin Quilt    (Michigan, 1830s)
Hurst Terrible Storm     (Blizzard of 1888, Massachusetts)
Johnson Just Like Josh Gibson    (Baseball, U.S., 1940s)
Jungman The Most Magnificent Mosque    (Religious tolerance; Cordoba, Spain; 1236)
Kay Iron Horses    (Transcontinental Railroad; U.S.; 1800s)
Kelly A Small Dog's Big Life : Around the World with Owney     (U.S. Postal Service mascot, 1889-1897)
Kimmel Stormy's Hat : Just Right for a Railroad Man     (Midwest, early 1900s)
Koldofsky Clip-Clop    (City life in U.S., early 1900s )
Kroeger Paperboy    (U.S., 1927)
Lasky Marven of the Great North Woods    (Influenza epidemic of 1918; Minnesota )
Levine The Tree that Would Not Die     (Austin, Texas)
Levitin Nine for California    (U.S. West, 1850s-1890s)
Lewis I Grew Up on a Farm    (U.S., 1940s-1950s)
Lied Potato: A Tale From the Great Depression    (U.S., 1929)
Lindsey Sweet Potato Pie    (Great Depression, U.S., 1930s)
Littlesugar Shake Rag: From the Life of Elvis Presley    (Tennessee, 1946)
Lorbiecki Jackie's Bat    (Integration of Major League baseball, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1947 )
McCully Squirrel and John Muir    (Naturalist; Yosemite, California; early 1900s)
McCully The Bobbin Girl    (Massachusetts, 1830s)
McKissack Goin' Someplace Special     (Tennessee, 1950s)
Newman Jingle the Brass    (Train travel, U.S., 1926)
Oppenheim The Lily Cupboard     (World War II, Netherlands)
Park My Freedom Trip     (Korea, 1950s)
Park The Firekeeper's Son     (Korea, early 1800s)
Polacco Pink and Say     (U.S. Civil War)
Preus The Peace Bell     (Japan, 1940s, 1950s)
Priceman Hot Air : The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride     (France, 1783)
Prince Twenty-one Elephants and Still Standing     (New York City, 1884)
Randall The Wheat Doll     (Utah, late 1800s)
Ringgold Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky     (United States and Canada, mid-1800s)
Sisulu The Day Gogo Went to Vote : South Africa, April 1994
Smith John, Paul, George & Ben     (American Revolution, 1700s)
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