OLD - Fathers in Books for Children

Picture Books (JE)

Andreasen With a Little Help from Daddy
Asch Just Like Daddy
Banks That's Papa's Way
Bauer The Very Best Daddy of All
Bennett Dad and Pop: An Ode to Fathers & Stepfathers
Bennett Your Daddy Was Just Like You
Best Taxi! Taxi!
Blake The Perfect Spot
Bluemle My Father, the Dog
Bradman Daddy's Lullaby
Braun I Love My Daddy
Bridges If I Were Your Father
Brillhart When Daddy Took Us Camping
Browne My Dad
Bruchac My Father Is Taller Than a Tree
Bunting A Perfect Father's Day
Clements Because Your Daddy Loves You
Cohen My Dad's Baseball
Cohlene Won't Papa Be Surprised!
Cook Day Out With Daddy
Fowler I'll See You When the Moon Is Full
Fuge My Dad!
Garland My Father's Boat
Glassman My Dad's Job
Grambling Daddy Will Be There
Harper Pink Me Up
Hines Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti
Holmberg A Day with Dad
Horn When I Grow Up--
Howard Papa Tells Chita a Story
Hutchins I'd Know You Anywhere
Jennings Me, Dad, & Number 6
Johnson Daddy Calls Me Man
Jonell Let's Play Rough!
Kroll Happy Father's Day
Lakin Dad and Me in the Morning
Lawler A Father's Song
Levine Daddies Give You Horsey Rides
London Froggy's Day with Dad
Loomis The Best Father's Day Present Ever
MacLachlan The Sick Day
Mallat Papa Pride
Morris The Daddy Book
Nevius Building with Dad
Newman Daddy's Song
Nolan A Father's Day Thank You
Norac My Daddy Is a Giant
North Because I Am Your Daddy
Parker My Dad the Magnificent
Parr The Daddy Book
Plourde Dad, Aren't You Glad?
Pow Tell Me One Thing, Dad
Prap Daddies
Rex You Can Do Anything, Daddy
Ritchie Me and My Dad!
Rotner Lots of Dads
Rusackas Daddy All Day Long
Shea Oh, Daddy!
Showers The Listening Walk
Singer Didi and Daddy on the Promenade
Soto Big Bushy Mustache
Spinelli When Papa Comes Home Tonight
Spohn Home Field
Tyler When Daddy Comes Home
Uhlberg Dad, Jackie, and Me
Vestergaard Driving Daddy
Walters Are We There Yet, Daddy?
Wood What Dads Can't Do
Yolen My Father Knows the Names of Things
Ziefert 33 Uses for a Dad
Ziefert Bigger Than Daddy

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

J811 IN In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall: African Americans Celebrating Fathers
J811 PO Poems for Fathers
J591.56 BA Hey, Daddy!: Animal Fathers and Their Babies
J591.56 CO Animal Dads
J811 GR When Daddy Prays
J811 MO The Dad of the Dad of the Dad of Your Dad
J745.5 RO All New Crafts for Mother's Day and Father's Day
J811 SI Just Us Two: Poems About Animal Dads
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