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Recommended fiction for children about people with special needs. Find most nonfiction on this subject on the J362.4 and JE362.4 shelves. For more ideas, see Voices from the Margins: An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction on Disabilities and Differences for Young People, R J016 WA.

Picture Books (JE)

Anderson We Go in a Circle    (Horsemanship for people with disabilities)
Best Goose's Story    (Physical disabilities)
Booth Mandy    (Hearing disorders)
Carlson Arnie and the New Kid    (Wheelchairs)
Caseley Harry and Willy and Carrothead    (Physical disabilities, prosthetics)
DeBear Be Quiet, Marina!    (Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome)
Gifaldi Ben, King of the River    (Mental disabilities)
Glenn Keeping Up with Roo    (Mental disabilities)
Herrera Featherless    (Spina bifida, wheelchairs)
Hines Gramma's Walk    (Wheelchairs)
Karim Mandy Sue Day    (Blind)
Lakin Dad and Me in the Morning    (Deaf)
Lang Looking Out for Sarah    (Deaf, seeing eye dogs)
Lasker Nick Joins In    (Wheelchairs)
Lee Silent Lotus    (Deaf, mutism)
MacLachlan Through Grandpa's Eyes    (Blind)
Martin Knots on a Counting Rope    (Blind)
Millman Moses Goes to the Circus    (Deaf, sign language)
Moran Imagine Me On a Sit-Ski!    (Cerebral palsy, wheelchairs)
Munsch Zoom!    (Wheelchairs)
Osofsky My Buddy    (Muscular dystrophy, service dogs)
Petrillo Keep Your Ear on the Ball    (Blind)
Rabe Where's Chimpy?    (Down syndrome)
Rickert Russ and the Almost Perfect Day    (Down syndrome)
Ripley Private and Confidential: A Story About Braille    (Blind, Braille)
Rodriguez Sarah's Sleepover    (Blind)
Senisi All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!     (Spina bifida, wheelchairs)
Stewart Sea Crow    (Physical disabilities, prosthetics)
Stuve-Bodeen The Best Worst Brother    (Down syndrome)
Uhlberg The Printer    (Deaf, sign language)
Willis Susan Laughs    (Wheelchairs)
Woloson My Friend Isabelle    (Down syndrome)

Easy Readers (JE ER)

Hooks Nice Wheels    (Wheelchairs)
Rau The Secret Code    (Blind, Braille)

Children’s Fiction (J)

Asare Sosu's Call    (Physical disabilities)
Burnett The Secret Garden    (Wheelchairs)
Butler Witch's Fire    (Wheelchairs)
Christopher Wheel Wizards    (Wheelchairs)
Creech Granny Torrelli Makes Soup    (Blind)
Cutler Spaceman    (Learning disabilities)
Denenberg Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Diary of Bess Brennan    (Blind)
Graff The Thing About Georgie    (Dwarfs)
Harshman The Storm    (Wheelchairs)
Helfman On Being Sarah    (Cerebral palsy)
Hill Chang and the Bamboo Flute    (Mutism)
Kehret Earthquake Terror    (Physical disabilities)
Kesey The Sea Lion: A Story of the Sea Cliff People    (Physical disabilities)
King-Smith Spider Sparrow    (Mental disabilities)
Lears Nathan's Wish    (Cerebral palsy)
Levin Away to Me, Moss!    (Physical disabilities)
Look Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything    (Deaf)
Matlin Deaf Child Crossing    (Deaf; see also Nobody's Perfect and Leading Ladies)
McKenzie Stargone John    (Emotional problems)
McNamee Sparks    (Learning disabilities)
Napoli Shark Shock    (Blind)
Niner I Can't Stop!: A Story About Tourette Syndrome    (Tourette syndrome)
Pryor Seth of the Lion People    (Physical disabilities)
Radin Carver    (Blind)
Senisi Just Kids: Visiting a Class for Children With Special Needs
Shreve The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear    (Deaf)
Taylor Timothy of the Cay    (Blind)
Thompson Andy and His Yellow Frisbee    (Autism)
Thomson The Sound of Colors    (Blind)
Wallace True Friends    (Physical disabilities)
Wanous Sara's Secret    (Cerebral palsy)
Whelan Hannah    (Blind, Braille)
Winkler Hank Zipzer    (Series; learning disabilities)
Yolen The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms    (Hearing disorders)

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

JE 628.9 Rickert Russ and the Firehouse    (Down syndrome)
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