OLD - Tall Tales

Easy Readers (JE ER)

Dewey The Narrow Escapes of Davy Crockett

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

J398.2 Cohen Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett
J398.2 Credle Tall Tales from the High Hills
J398.2 Dewey Gib Morgan, Oilman
J398.2 Dewey Pecos Bill
J398.2 Emberley The Story of Paul Bunyan
J398.2 Felton Legends of Paul Bunyan
J398.2 Felton Pecos Bill, Texas Cowpuncher
J398.2 Felton True Tales of Stormalong: Sailor of the Seven Seas
J398.2 Field American Folk and Fairy Tales
J398.2 Kellogg Mike Fink: A Tall Tale
J398.2 Kellogg Paul Bunyan: A Tall Tale
J398.2 Kellogg Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett
J398.2 Krensky John Henry
J398.2 Krensky Paul Bunyan
J398.2 Krensky Pecos Bill
J398.2 Malcolmson Yankee Doodle's Cousins
J398.2 McCunn Pie-Biter
J398.2 Osborne American Tall Tales
J398.2 Rounds Ol' Paul, The Mighty Logger
J398.2 Sans Souci Cut from the Same Cloth: American Women of Myth, Legend, and Tall Tale
J398.2 Sans Souci Larger Than Life: The Adventures of American Legendary Heroes
Y910.453 Schwartz Gold & Silver, Silver & Gold: Tales of Hidden Treasure
J398.2 Schwartz Whoppers: Tall Tales and Other Lies
J398.2 Shapiro Heroes in American Folklore
J398.2 Shapiro Joe Magarac and His U. S. A. Citizen Papers
J398.2 Shepard Master Man: A Tall Tale of Nigeria
J398.2 Shepard The Legend of Slappy Hooper: An American Tall Tale
J398.2 Shephard Paul Bunyan
J398.2 Stoutenburg American Tall-Tale Animals
J398.2 Wadsworth Paul Bunyan and His Great Blue Ox
J398.2 Walker Big Men, Big Country: A Collection of American Tall Tales
J398.2 Willey Clever Beatrice: An Upper Peninsula Conte
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