GLBTQ Books for Kids (Preschool-Grade 5)

Recommended books for children and teens concerning gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning identities. Also some books about nontraditional gender roles. To find more books, including those in the Teen Collection, try a subject search for "gay youth," "lesbian youth," "transsexual youth," or "gay parents" in the library catalog.

Picture Books (JE)

Oelschlager A Tale of Two Mommies    (A young boy describes to two other children how his two mommies help him with all his needs.)
Baldacchino Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress    (A young boy faces adversity from classmates when he wears an orange dress at school.)
Brannen Uncle Bobby's Wedding
JE de Haan King & King
JE de Haan King & King & Family
Fierstein The Sissy Duckling
Garden Molly's Family
Gonzalez Antonio's Card
Herthel I Am Jazz!
Hoffman Jacob's New Dress     (Jacob, who likes to wear dresses at home, convinces his parents to let him wear a dress to school, too.)
Lindenbaum Mini Mia and Her Darling Uncle
Newman Daddy, Papa, and Me    (Board book)
Newman Donovan's Big Day    (From the moment Donovan wakes in the morning, he painstakingly prepares for his special role in the wedding ceremony of his two mothers.)
Newman Mommy, Mama, and Me    (Board book)
Okimoto The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption
Polacco In Our Mothers' House
Raffi Made by Raffi    (Raffi is a shy boy who doesnt like noisy games and is often teased at school. But when he gets the idea of making a scarf for his dad's birthday he is full of enthusiasm, even though the other children think it is girly to knit. Then the day draws near for the school pageant, and there is one big problem: no costume for the prince. And thats when Raffi has his most brilliant idea of all--to make a prince's cape. On the day of the pageant, Raffi's cape is the star of the show.)
U'Ren Pugdog
Vigna My Two Uncles
Willhoite Daddy's Roommate
Zolotow William's Doll

Children’s Fiction (J)

Agell The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister     ( India, an unusual nine-and-a-half-year-old living in small-town Maine, has a series of adventures which bring her closer to her artist-mother, strengthen her friendship with a neighbor boy, and help her to accept the man for whom her father moved away.)
Ignatow The popularity papers : research for the social improvement and general betterment of Lydia Goldblatt & Julie Graham-Chang     (Two best friends embark on a project to study the behavior and taste of the popular girls at their elementary school so that by the time they get to middle school they too will be in the right crowd. Novel appears in the form of a scrapbook. One girl has two dads.)
Levy The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher    (Relates the adventures of a family with two fathers, four adopted boys, and a variety of pets as they make their way through a school year, kindergarten through sixth grade, and deal with a grumpy new neighbor.)
Myracle Luv Ya Bunches    (Four friends--each named after a flower--navigate the ups and downs of fifth grade. Told through text messages, blog posts, screenplay, and straight narrative. One girl has two moms.)

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

J306.85 Jenness Families: A Celebration of Diversity, Commitment, and Love
J306.85 Kuklin Families
J306.874 Greenberg Zack's Story: Growing Up with Same-Sex Parents
J598.47 Richardson And Tango Makes Three
Y306.874 Snow How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent: A Book by Kids for Kids of All Ages
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