OLD - Graphic Nonfiction

Nonfiction in comic book format.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Y Comic BA Female Force
Y Comic BO Journey into Mohawk County
J Comic BR Booker T. Washington: Great American Educator
J Comic BR Cesar Chavez: Fighting for Farmworkers
J Comic BR The Rough-Riding Adventure of Bronco Charlie, Pony Express Rider
J Comic BU Amelia Earhart: Free in the Skies
Y Comic BU Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel
J Comic CH "What's Up with Ella?": Medikidz Explain Diabetes
J Comic CL Surviving the Great Chicago Fire
J Comic DE The Strongest Man in the World: Louis Cyr
J Comic DE Atlantis: The Mystery of the Lost City
J Comic DE UFOs: The Roswell Incident
J Comic DU The Oregon Trail
Y Comic GE The Borden Tragedy: A Memoir of the Infamous Double Murder at Fall River, Mass., 1892
Y Comic GE The Case of Madeleine Smith
Y Comic GE The Fatal Bullet: A True Account of the Assassination, Lingering Pain, Death, and Burial of James A. Garfield, Twentieth President of the United States
Y Comic GE The Murder of Abraham Lincoln
Y Comic HA The Battle of Iwo Jima: Guerilla Warfare in the Pacific
Y Comic HE Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography
Y Comic HY Elizabeth I & the Spanish Armada
Y Comic HY The Building of the Great Pyramid
Y Comic JE Defying Death at Sea
Y Comic JE Defying Death in the Desert
Y Comic JE Defying Death in the Jungle
J Comic JE Elasmosaurus: The Long-necked Swimmer
Y Comic JE Oprah Winfrey: The Life of a Media Superstar
J Comic JE Stegosaurus: The Plated Dinosaur
J Comic LA Kampung Boy
Y Comic LA Town Boy
Y Comic LU Houdini: The Handcuff King
J Comic MI Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights Pioneer
Y Comic NE Yummy: The Last Days of a South Side Shorty
J Comic OD Media Meltdown
J Comic OL Betsy Ross and the American Flag
Y Comic OL John F. Kennedy: American Visionary
Y Comic OT T-minus: The Race to the Moon
J Comic SA The Life of Alexander the Great
Y Comic SA The Life of Julius Caesar
Y Comic SH Corpses and Skeletons: The Science of Forensic Anthropology
Y Comic SH Defying Death at the North and South Poles
Y Comic SH Defying Death in the Mountains
J Comic SH Hadrosaurus: The Duck-Billed Dinosaur
Y Comic SH Harriet Tubman: The Life of an African-American Abolitionist
Y Comic SH Muhammad Ali: The Life of a Boxing Hero
Y Comic SH Rosa Parks: The Life of a Civil Rights Heroine
Y Comic SI To Dance: A Memoir
Y Comic ST Alia's Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq: Inspired by a True Story
J Comic ST Shake, Rattle & Turn That Noise Down!: How Elvis Shook Up Music, Me and Mom
Y Comic ST Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow
J Comic TA Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean
Y Comic TE Smile
Y Comic TH Thoreau at Walden
Y Comic VI First in Space
J Comic WE Ankylosaurus: The Armored Dinosaur
Y Comic WE Detective Work with Ballistics
Y Comic WH The Battle of Midway: The Destruction of the Japanese Fleet

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

J523.1 BA The Birth of the Earth
J576.8 BA The Dawn of Life
J567.0 BA The Day of the Dinosaurs
JE921 Anning The Fossil Girl: Mary Anning’s Dinosaur Discovery    (By Brighton)
Y363.73 EV Weird Weather
Y609.2 GI 10 Inventors Who Changed the World
Y507.8 GR Howtoons: The Possibilities Are Endless
J921 Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World    (By Jacobson)
Y507.8 LE Lessons in Science Safety with Max Axiom, Super Scientist
Y741.5 ST Adventures in Cartooning
Y358.4 WE Fighter Pilots
J629.133 WE Why Things Don’t Work: Helicopter
J629.227 WE Why Things Don’t Work: Motorcycle
J629.133 WE Why Things Don’t Work: Plane
J629.228 WE Why Things Don’t Work: Race Car
J623. 7 WE Why Things Don’t Work: Tank
J625.1 WE Why Things Don’t Work: Train
Y956.94 WO Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel
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