OLD - Special Needs Picture Books

Select picture books that explain various special needs in a positive way.

Picture Books (JE)

Carlson Arnie and the New Kid    (When an accident requires Arnie to use crutches, he begins to understand the limits and possibilities of his new classmate, who has a wheelchair. )
Glenn Keeping Up with Roo    (Gracie has always had a special bond with her Aunt Roo, who is mentally disabled, but that relationship starts to change when Gracie begins school. )
Lakin Dad and Me in the Morning    (A deaf boy and his father share a special time as they watch the sunrise.)
Lears Ben Has Something to Say: A Story About Stuttering    (In order to help a neglected dog which he sees at a junkyard, Ben, who stutters, begins to confront his fear of speaking. )
Lears Ian's Walk: A Story About Autism    (A young girl realizes how much she cares for her autistic brother Ian when he gets lost at the park. )
Millman Moses Goes to School    (Moses and his friends enjoy the first day of school at their special school for the deaf and hard of hearing, where they use sign language to talk to each other. )
Moon Lucy's Picture    (A young girl creates a special picture her blind grandfather can "see" with his hands.)
Moore-Mallinos My Brother Is Autistic    (A young boy describes what it's like to have an autistic brother and the ways autistic kids can be helped to better relate to their family and surroundings. )
Peete My Brother Charlie    (A girl tells what it is like living with her twin brother who has autism but who, in most ways, is just like any other boy.)
Petrillo Keep Your Ear on the Ball    (Davey, a blind student, refuses all help from his new classmates, until they find a way to help without doing everything for him.)
Polacco Junkyard Wonders    (A class of special needs students invents something that could convince the whole school they are justifiably proud to be "Junkyard Wonders." )
Pulver Way to Go, Alex!    (Carly learns a lot about Alex, her mentally disabled older brother, as he trains for and competes in the Special Olympics. )
Ripley Private and Confidential: A Story About Braille    (When Laura finds out that her new Australian pen pal, Malcolm, is blind, she learns to use a Braille machine to write to him. )
Rodriguez Sarah's Sleepover    (When the lights go out while her cousins are spending the night, a young blind girl shows them what to do in the dark. )
Senisi All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!    (Moses, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, reflects on the similarities between himself and his classmates, teachers, and a neighbor's iguana.)
Shirley Best Friend on Wheels    (A young girl relates all the ways she and her best friend, Sarah, are alike, in spite of the fact that Sarah uses a wheelchair. )
Tupper Ling My Sister, Alicia May    (A young girl describes her relationship with her younger sister, Alicia May, who has Down syndrome. )
Willis Susan Laughs    (Rhyming couplets describe a wide range of common emotions and activities experienced by a little girl who uses a wheelchair. )
Woloson My Friend Isabelle    (A young boy named Charlie describes the activities he shares with his friend Isabelle, a girl with Down Syndrome. )
Zemach Ms. McCaw Learns to Draw    (Dudley Ellington struggles to learn anything at school, but when his very patient teacher, Mrs. McGraw, is unable to draw a face on the board, he helps her figure out how to do it. )

Children’s Fiction (J)

Lears Becky the Brave: A Story About Epilepsy    (Nothing seems to scare Sarah's big sister Becky, until having an epileptic seizure makes her reluctant to return to school.)
Lears Nathan's Wish: A Story About Cerebral Palsy    (A boy with cerebral palsy helps out at a raptor rehabilitation center and is inspired himself when an owl that cannot fly finds another purpose in life. )
Niner I Can't Stop!: A Story About Tourette Syndrome    (A boy is diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and learns about constructive ways he can manage his condition.)
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