Picture books, nonfiction, and poetry for children.

Picture Books (JE)

Ashman To the Beach!    (A family keeps forgetting the things they need to take to the beach.)
Davies The House Takes a Vacation     (While the Petersons are away, their house decides to take a trip too.)
Falconer Olivia Goes to Venice     (On a family vacation in Venice, Olivia indulges in gelato, rides in a gondola, and finds the perfect souvenir.)
Franco Summer Beat    (Two friends celebrate the sounds and sights of summer. )
Goode The Most Perfect Spot    (Jack tries to have a perfect picnic with his mother, but things do not turn out as they expected. )
Hayes The Summer Visitors    (A family of bears enjoys the comforts of life at a cottage by a lake, alongside the human visitors. )
Hill Duck and Goose Go to the Beach    (Duck wants to go on an adventure. Goose doesn't. He doesn't see the point. )
Jamieson Olympig!    (Boomer becomes the first pig ever to compete in the Animal Olympics and demonstrates that attitude can be more important than winning.)
Luciani How Will We Get to the Beach?    (The reader is asked to guess what Roxanne must leave behind as she tries various means of transportation to get to the beach.)
Metzger The Ice Cream King    (When Teddy visits a new ice cream shop, he enters a magical kingdom where he can eat all the ice cream he wants. )
Ochiltree It's a Firefly Night     (On a warm summer night, a young girl and her daddy catch fireflies. )
Orloff I Wanna Go Home    (Alex tries to convince his parents that he should not be staying with his grandparents, but he starts to realize that he can have fun.)
Phillipps Monkey Ono    (Left behind when his family goes to the beach, Monkey Ono comes up with a series of plans to join in on Beach Day. )
Pizzoli The Watermelon Seed     (After swallowing a watermelon seed, a crocodile imagines a scary outcome.)
Tan Rules of Summer    (Two boys explain the occasionally mysterious "rules" they learned over the summer.)
Wardlaw Red, White, and Boom!    (Parades, beach picnics, and fireworks in the park are some of the ways Americans celebrate the Fourth of July. )
Watt Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping    (Scaredy Squirrel takes a trip through the campground and finds out the wilderness is meant to be enjoyed up close.)
Yoon Penguin on Vacation    (Penguin's tired of the snow and cold--so he decides to go on vacation! )
Young Zoomer's Summer Snowstorm    (When a young dog's snow-cone machine fills the backyard with snow, his imagination runs wild and turns a hot summer day into a cold wintry one. )

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

J790.1 GI The Kids' Summer Fun Book: Great Games, Activities, and Adventures for the Entire Family    (Your guide to having fun throughout the summer months, with adventure ideas, refreshing treats, and great games for the whole family to play. )
J782.42 KA Mosquitoes Are Ruining My Summer! And Other Silly Dilly Camp Songs    (Familiar tunes are given new words relating to summer camp.)
J796.54 PA The Summer Camp Survival Guide    (Whether they're going to day camp, sleepaway camp, sports camp, dance camp, or any other kind of camp, this is the ultimate guide for happy campers!)
J394.2 SO PF The Longest Day: Celebrating the Summer Solstice    (A journey through the history and science behind the summer solstice.)
J811 RA Lemonade and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word    (Part anagram, part rebus, part riddle-- this brand new poetic form turns word puzzles into poetry. )
J637.4 TA From Milk to Ice Cream    (Follow the steps in the production of ice cream from milking a cow to a frozen treat.)
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