Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!

Books for every age about everyone's favorite friendly, funny, or ferocious fantasy creatures.

Picture Books (JE)

Anderson Dragon    (A dragon hatchling looks for his mother; beautifully illustrated.)
Bently King Jack and the Dragon    (Jack, Zack, and Caspar spend a day fighting dragons until nightfall...)
Berkeley Chopsticks    (A mouse brings a wooden dragon to life in Hong Kong.)
Cooper Matthew's Dragon
Demi The Boy Who Painted Dragons
Ellery If I Had a Dragon
Howard Serious Trouble
Kent There's No Such Thing as a Dragon
Knapman Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood?
LaRochelle The Best Pet of All
Lawson The Dragon's Pearl
Light Have You Seen My Dragon?    (Wonderful counting book and -- find the dragon!)
Mahy The Dragon of an Ordinary Family
Minarik The Little Girl and the Dragon
Munsch The Paper Bag Princess
Robertson The Egg    (Look for sequels!)
Rubin Dragons Love Tacos    (Hilarious romp of a HOW TO book about sharing tacos with dragons!)
Shannon Elvira
Thayer The Popcorn Dragon
Ward The Dragon Machine
Wilson Ignis
Yep The City of Dragons

Children’s Fiction (J)

Fire Fire and Wings: Dragon Tales from East and West
Book The Book of Dragons
Coville Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Coville The Dragon of Doom
Coville The Dragonslayers
Cowell How to Train Your Dragon: By Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Downer Hatching Magic
Gannett My Father's Dragon    (Three Tales of My Father's Dragon)
Grahame The Reluctant Dragon
Gray Falcon's Egg    (Look for sequels!)
Koller The Dragonling    (Dragonling series)
McLerran Dragonfly
Rupp The Dragon of Lonely Island    (Look for sequels!)
Topsell How to Raise and Keep a Dragon
Zaring The Return of the Dragon

Junior High Fiction (Y)

Fletcher Dragon's Milk    (Dragon Chronicles)
Funke Dragon Rider
Hartman Seraphina    (Humans and dragons have always been at war until a truce 40 years ago; young Seraphina has a unique role to play as that truce begins to crumble. )
McCaffrey Dragonsong
McKinley The Hero and the Crown
Paolini Eragon    (Inheritance series)
Stewart Returner's Wealth ( Wyrmeweald #1)    (Micah takes up with Eli, a cragclimber who helps him survive. This brutal fantasy is thrilling for Jr High and up.)
Strickland Dragon's Plunder
Vande Velde Dragon's Bait
Wilkinson Dragon Keeper
Wrede Dealing with Dragons    (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
Yep Dragon of the Lost Sea    (Look for sequels!)
Zinnen The Dragons of Spratt, Ohio

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

J398.242 Base The Discovery of Dragons
Y398.242 Drake Dr. Ernest Drake's Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons
J398.242 Gibbons Behold-- The Dragons!
J398.2 EU George St. George and the Dragon
J398.242 Krensky Dragons
J398.24 MO Fangs 'n' Fire Ten Dragon Tales    (A beautifully illustrated, collection of assessible multi-cultural tales.)
J398.2 Passes Dragons: Truth, Myth, and Legend
J398.242 Penner Dragons
J811 Prelutsky The Dragons Are Singing Tonight
J398.2 EU Wiesner The Loathsome Dragon
Y398.242 Wyly Dragons
J398.242 Zhang A Time of Golden Dragons
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