Dinosaur Picture Books

This is a list of some favorite books featuring dinosaurs. Nonfiction dinosaur books are in the nonfiction section under 567.
Latimer Never Follow a Dinosaur    (Have Sally and Joe discovered dino-prints?)
Andreae Dinosaurs Galore    (Presents the world of dinosaurs in rhyme, with colorful illustrations. )
Bailey If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur    (A humorous survey of the practical things dinosaurs can do.)
Barton Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones    (A cast of characters looks for, finds, and assembles some dinosaur bones.)
Bauer Dinosaur Thunder    (Compares thunder to a boy's favorite subject--dinosaurs.)
Bourgeois Franklin's Class Trip    (Franklin is relieved to learn the dinosaurs in the museum are not alive.)
Broach When Dinosaurs Came with Everything     (Every shop in town is giving away real dinosaurs to their customers.)
Carrick Patrick's Dinosaurs on the Internet    (A dinosaur from outer space takes Patrick home for show and tell.)
DiPucchio Dinosnores    (Relates the earth-changing consequences of millions of nights of raucous snoring by sleeping dinosaurs.)
Foreman A Trip to Dinosaur Time    (Tom's kitchen timer transports him to a dinosaur era.)
Gall Dinotrux     (The prehistoric ancestors of today's trucks, such as garbageadon, dozeratops, and craneosaurus, roam the Earth.)
George Duck, Duck, Dinosaur    (Three eggs hatch and an unusual family is born.)
Hartmann The Dinosaurs Are Back and It's Your Fault, Edward!    (Edward's brother says a dinosaur egg is about to hatch under his bed!)
Hearn Dad's Dinosaur Day    (Dad's behavior changes when he becomes a dinosaur for a day.)
Hennessy The Dinosaur Who Lived in My Backyard    (A boy imagines what it was like when dinosaurs lived in his area.)
Idle Tea Rex    (Cordelia and her brother have tea with a Tyrannosaurus rex.)
Kastner Princess Dinosaur    (Katie visits the natural history museum and meets real, live dinosaurs.)
Kirsch Freddie and Gingersnap    (A little dinosaur and a little dragon find common ground.)
Krensky Dinosaurs in Disguise    (Look closely! Maybe Dinosaurs are still among us!)
Loxton Plesiosaur Peril     (Re-creates the undersea world of the Jurassic period. )
Mayhew Katie and the Dinosaurs    (Katie's visit to a natural history museum lands her among real live dinosaurs.)
McCarty T Is for Terrible     (Tyrannosaurus rex says he can't help it that he is enormous and hungry and not a vegetarian.)
McMullan I'm Bad!     (A hungry Tyrannosaurus rex has trouble finding food.)
Middleton Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?    (Prehistoric animals in a museum spring to life.)
Mitton Dinosaurumpus!    (Various types of dinosaurs enjoy a romp.)
Mosley The Dinosaur Eggs    (A lonely couple hatches three dinosaur eggs.)
Raney It's Probably Good Dinosaurs Are Extinct    (Imagines how different things would be if dinosaurs still roamed the earth.)
Rennert Buying, Training & Caring for your Dinosaur     (Instructions for choosing and caring for a pet dinosaur.)
Ryder Tyrannosaurus Time    (A child is transformed for a day into a Tyrannosaurus rex.)
Sis Dinosaur!    (At bathtime, a young boy is joined by all sorts of dinosaurs.)
Waddell The Super Hungry Dinosaur     (Billy's mom cooks a dinner that saves him and his dog Billy from being eaten by the dinosaur.)
Wahl I Met a Dinosaur    (After a museum visit, a girl begins to see dinosaurs everywhere.)
Wheeler Dino-Racing    (Dinosaurs race a variety of vehicles.)
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