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Recommended J and Y Sports Fiction. "More by this author," indicates the author has written other sports books.

Children’s Fiction (J)

Armstrong Patrick Doyle Is Full of Blarney
Avi S.O.R. Losers
Bledsoe Hoop Girlz
Brooks Prince    (More by this author; series, Wolfbay Wings)
Brooks Throwing Smoke    (More by this author)
Brown Arthur and the Seventh Inning Stretcher
Christopher The Winning Stroke    (More by this author)
Curtis The Bat Boy & His Violin
Duffey Lucky in Left Field
Farrell Bradley and the Billboard
Gilson You Cheat!
Greene Owen Foote, Soccer Star
Gutman The Million Dollar Shot    (More by this author)
Hallowell Jester in the Backcourt    (More by this author; Series, Alden All Stars)
Herzig The Boonsvillle Bombers
Hughes Play Ball    (Series, Scrappers)
Hurwitz Baseball Fever
Jackson Blowing Bubbles with the Enemy
Jennings Out Standing in My Field
Kline Molly Gets Mad
Korman Toilet Paper Tigers
Krensky Louise, Soccer Star?
Lewis Wrongway Applebaum
Little Breakaway
Lord In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
Lupica Hot Hand : A Comeback Kids Novel
Maddox Speedway Switch
Manes An Almost Perfect Game
Marsden Moon Runner
McEwan Willy the Scrub
Miller Going the Distance
Napoli On Guard
Pfeffer Sara Kate, Superkid
Roberts Thumb on a Diamond
Schnur The Koufax Dilemma
Shreve The Goalie
Slote Finding Buck McHenry
Testa Some Kind of Pride

Junior High Fiction (Y)

Auch One-Handed Catch
Baczewski Just for Kicks
Bloor Tangerine
Brown You're Dead , David Borelli
Bruchac The Warriors
Carter Bull Catcher
Cochran Roughnecks
Deuker Heart of a Champion    (More by this author)
Deuker High Heat    (More by this author)
Duder In Lane Three, Alex Archer
Dygard Infield Hit    (More by this author)
Dygard Second Stringer    (More by this author)
Esckilsen Offsides: A Novel
Gorman Stumptown Kid
Gutman Honus and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure    (More by this author)
Hughes Team Picture
Klass A Different Season
Klass Danger Zone
Koertge Shakespeare Bats Cleanup
Korman The Zucchini Warriors
Lee Necessary Roughness
Levy Run for Your Life
Lipsyte The Contender    (More by this author)
Lupica Travel Team
Many These Are the Rules
Murdock Dairy Queen: A Novel
Myers Slam!
Roberts My Thirteenth Season
Salisbury Lord of the Deep
Volponi Black and White
Wallace Shots on Goal
Weaver Farm Team
Weaver Hard Ball: A Billy Baggs Novel
Wolff Bat 6
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