Superheroes in Picture Books

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Picture Books (JE)

Bjorkman Supersnouts!    (Piggie superheroes protect Farmer Frank's farm.)
Buehner Superdog: The Heart of a Hero    (A small dog with a big heart becomes a superhero.)
Cole Supermoo!    (A bovine superhero crusades against filth.)
Eaton Superheroes    (When Max and Pinky play superheroes, Pinky saves the day.)
Grey Traction Man is Here!    (Series. Features Traction Man and Turbo Dog.)
Leonard Theodore's Superheroes    (Betty doesn't believe in Theodore's superpowers, until he saves her.)
MacDonald Another Perfect Day    (Series. Read about Jack the superhero and Jack the toy.)
McClements Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident    (After Baron von Baddie defeats Captain Kapow, being bad is no fun.)
Nakagawa Sumo Boy    (Sumo Boy uses his moves to save a girl from a bully.)
O'Connor Kapow!    (Stories about Truth, Justice, and the American Eagle way.)
Pilkey Dogzilla    (See also Kat Kong. A monstrous mutt terrorizes Mousopolis.)
Pinkey Sparrowboy    (After an encounter with a sparrow, Henry finds can able fly like HawkMan.)
Pinkney The Adventures of Sparrowboy    (After an encounter with a sparrow, Henry is able to fly.)
Reynolds Superhero School    (Math? At superhero school? No way!)
Schwarz Timothy and the Strong Pajamas: A Superhero Adventure    (Timothy's pajamas give him superpower strength.)
Tauss Superhero    (Maleek and Marvyn travel to the past and save their city.)
Weigel Atomic Ace: (He's Just My Dad)    ( In this family, it's normal to have a superhero dad.)
Weigelt Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue    (A cape turns an ordinary animal into super guinea pig!)
Whatley Captain Pajamas    (Jessie hopes to save his sister from aliens.)
Wisniewski Sumo Mouse    (A mysterious hero saves Tokyo from an evil toy store owner.)
Ziefert Mighty Max    (Mighty Max rescues of a game, a sandcastle, and lunch.)

Easy Readers (JE ER)

Friedman Superman's First Flight    (Clark Kent discovers his secret powers and learns the secret behind them.)
Hernandez-Rosenblatt Batman: The Purr-fect Crime    (Catwoman tries to outwit Batman.)
Van Leeuwen Oliver the Mighty Pig    (Oliver feels powerful in his Mighty Pig cape, but trouble still finds him.)
Weiner Enter Magneto    (Professor Xavier and the X-Men battle the evil Magneto.)
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