Getting Along With Others Picture Books

Favorite picture books promoting social awareness. For more, please browse the JE150s.
Bogan Virgil & Owen    (Virgil the penguin finds a polar bear and tries to claim it as his own, but the polar bear wants to make his own choices.)
Bramsen Just a Duck?    (Duck and Cat discover that being yourself can win friends.)
Burningham Edwardo: The Horriblest Boy in the WholeWide World    (When Edwardo gets a compliment for accidentally doing something good, he becomes much, much nicer.)
Clanton Rex Wrecks It!    (Every time Gizmo and Sprinkles build something, Rex wrecks it! Can they find a way to make playtime fun for everyone?)
Cousins I'm the Best    (When Dog's constant boasting makes his friends sad, they find a way to teach him what it means to be a good friend.)
Dunklee Me, Too!    (When a new girl moves to their neighborhood, Annie becomes worried that she may lose her best friend.)
Dutton Dear Miss Perfect: A Beast's Guide to Proper Behavior    (With humor and a light touch, Miss Perfect counsels animals about their problems.)
Graham Rose Meets Mr. Wintergarten    (A young girl's attempt to retrieve her ball from her grouchy, old neighbor's yard changes both their lives.)
Gude When Elephant Met Giraffe    (Elephant is bold. Giraffe is quiet. But they learn to appreciate each other.)
Hout Friends    (Little monsters laugh and play, but also tease, argue, and make up.)
Itani Best Friend Trouble    (Hanna and Lizzy think their friendship is over, but it's only "best friend trouble.")
Kirk You Are Not My Friend, but I Miss You    (A sock monkey becomes angry with a stuffed dog, but realizes that he may not have been a good friend, either.)
Kolar Do You Want to Play?    (One friend helps another explore the ins and outs of friendship.)
Lamstein I Like Your Buttons    (Compliments start a chain reaction of goodwill, good deeds, and thoughtfulness.)
Langreuter Little Bear and the Big Fight    (Little Bear bit his friend. Now he wonders if they will ever make up.)
Latimer Pig and Small    (Pig and Bug work to find something they both enjoy doing.)
Long Scribble and Ink    (Scribbles and Ink squabble over the best use for a box of cheese.)
Lundquist Cat and Bunny    (When others ask to join their favorite game, Bunny wants to welcome them, but Cat wants to say no.)
Maddern Nail Soup    (A folk tale shows how a merry heart and generous soul get results.)
Marshall George and Martha    (Stories about George and Martha, who are good friends.)
Martin Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off    (Olivia is jealous of her new neighbor and classmate. Can they become friends? )
Naylor King of the Playground    (Kevin learns to deal with a bossy kid at the neighborhood playground.)
Nichols Maple & Willow Together    (Maple and Willow smooth over a rough patch in their friendship.)
Oram My Friend Fred    (Grace learns that the very best friends are the ones who share.)
Rosen This Is Our House    (George finds it fun to include others.)
Russo Sophie Sleeps Over    (Sophie is one of two best friends at a sleepover.)
Sauer Nugget & Fang    (How can Fang convince Nugget and his friends to play with him? )
Shea Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great    (Envy turns to admiration and then friendship between Goat and Unicorn.)
Udry Let's Be Enemies    (James and John are best friends--but James always wants to be boss.)
Wallace The Kindness Quilt    (Minna's kindness project involves the whole school.)
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