Getting Along With Others

Recommended picture books about getting along with friends and family. For more, browse in the J150s and JE150s.
Alexander Lucy and the Bully
Aston Not So Tall for Six
Bloom A Splendid Friend, Indeed
Bottner Bootsie Barker Bites
Burningham Edwardo: The Horriblest Boy in the Whole World
Carle Do You Want to Be My Friend?
Caseley Bully
Cazet Frosted Glass
Champion Emily and Alice
Charles The Selfish Crocodile
Cohen Will I Have a Friend?
Collins Taking Care of Tucker
Cooney Chatterbox Jamie
Couric The Brand New Kid
D'Amico Ella the Elegant Elephant
DePaola Rosie and the Yellow Ribbon
Dutton Dear Miss Perfect
Fleming Be Good To Eddie Lee
Foreman Say Hello
Gliori The Snowchild
Graham Rose Meets Mr. Wintergarten
Grejniec Who Is My Neighbor?
Havill Jamaica's Blue Marker
Hazen Wally, the Worry-Warthog
Henkes Chester's Way
Hessell Staying at Sam's
Hoban Best Friends for Frances
Hoffman Henry's Baby
Horstman Fast Friends
Hurst Rocks in His Head
Hutchins My Best Friend
Jahn-Clough My Friend and I
Jones Sunshine & Storm
Karas Home on the Bayou: A Cowboy Story
Kasza Dorothy and Mikey
Keller Do Unto Otters
Kolar Do You Want to Play?
Krosoczka My Buddy, Slug
Kuskin I Am Me
Lamstein I Like Your Buttons
Langreuter Little Bear and the Big Fight
LaReau Ugly Fish
Lester Me First
Maddern Nail Soup
Marshall George and Martha
Martin Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off
Mathers Lottie's New Friend
McBratney I'm Sorry
Miller Be Gentle
Monnier Just Right
Naylor King of the Playground
O'Neill The Recess Queen
Ohi Clara and the Bossy
Peet Big Bad Bruce
Polacco Mrs. Katz and Tush
Pomerantz You're Not My Best Friend Anymore
Raschka Yo! Yes?
Rathmann Ruby the Copycat
Reiser Margaret and Margarita
Rodman My Best Friend
Rosen This is Our House
Santoro Isaac the Ice Cream Truck
Savadier Will Sheila Share?
Steig Amos and Boris
Stein Mine!
Thayer The Popcorn Dragon
Udry Let's Be Enemies
Uegaki Suki's Kimono
Van Leeuwen "Wait for me!" said Maggie McGee
Velthuijs Frog and the Stranger
Wagner Silly Fred
Wahl Candy Shop
Wallace The Kindness Quilt
Wells Shy Charles
Whitcomb Odd Velvet
Zolotow The Quarreling Book
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