Going to the Hospital

Picture Books (JE)

Bond Paddington Bear Goes to the Hospital    (Paddington has an accident and must stay overnight in the hospital.)
Bourgeois Franklin Goes to the Hospital    (Turtle Franklin's shell is cracked and he must be brave and go to the hospital.)
Carlstrom Barney Is Best    (A child going to the hospital to have his tonsils removed insists on bringing his old stuffed animal.)
Cousins Maisy Goes to the Hospital    (At the hospital, Maisy makes a new friend.)
Goodall Dr. White    (A small white dog goes to the hospital every day to visit sick children.)
Hatkoff Good-Bye Tonsils!    (A young girl describes going to the hospital to have her tonsils out.)
Karim This Is a Hospital, Not a Zoo!    (A patient transforms himself into a series of animals to avoid some unpleasant procedures.)
Lloyd Doctor Meow's Big Emergency    (Tom Cat hurts his leg and Doctor Meow must help him right away.)
Rey Curious George Goes to the Hospital    (George goes to the hospital after swallowing a puzzle piece.)
Urdahl Emma's Question    (Emma's concerned when her grandmother gets sick and has to go to the hospital.)

Easy Readers (JE ER)

Mills Gus and Grandpa at the Hospital    (Tells what it is like for Gus when Grandpa has a heart attack.)

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

DVD J362.1 HO Hospital    (Shows the inside of a hospital, the people who work there, and how they care for their patients.)
J362.1 Attebury Out and About at the Hospital    (A guided tour of a hospital to see the emergency room, the operating room and the supply room.)
J362.1 Aylmore We Work at the Hospital    (Simple book introducing hospital personnel.)
J617.5 Brink David's Story: A Book About Surgery    (A boy has surgery to correct problems with his face caused by birth defects.)
J362.1 Howe The Hospital Book    (A guide to staying in the hospital including what happens there, the people you meet, what will hurt and how you get better and go home.)
J362.1 Johnston Let's Talk About Going to the Hospital    (Explains what a hospital is, what happens there, and when a patient can go home.)
J362.1 Johnston Let's Talk About When Someone You Love Is in the Hospital    (About visits to loved ones in the hospital and the scary feelings that may result.)
J362.1 Kalman Hospital Workers in the Emergency Room    (An introduction to the people who work in the ER and the tests and equipment they use.)
J362.1 Malam Hospital    (Reveals the inner workings of a hospital.)
J362.1 Miller Behind the Scenes at the Hospital    (Describes the functions of different areas in the hospital.)
Going to the Hospital    (Learn what happens in the hospital.)
J618.4 Rosenberg Mommy's in the Hospital Having a Baby    (Describes the care of mothers and babies in a hospital and what to expect when you visit.)
J616.07 Zonta Jessica's X-Ray    (Jessica needs X-rays after she falls from a tree; includes actual X-ray images.)

Parent/Teacher Collection

PT JE Duncan When Molly Was In the Hospital: A Book for Brothers and Sisters of Hospitalized Children    (Anna's little sister is in the hospital for surgery.)
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