• ONE-ON-ONE TUTORING  in math, reading, science and writing for K through junior college   
  • individual attention from carefully selected tutors through a kid-friendly online classroom    
  • resume and letter writing assistance   
  • available 2-11 pm seven days a week (few holiday exceptions)
  • language lab and writing lab    

Gale Courses

  • Self-guided courses on a variety of topics
  • Courses are facilitated by credentialed instructors
  • Courses are all inclusive: view or print lessons, do assignments, and take quizes & exams

  • online video learning service
  • covers software applications and creative and business skills
  • over 2,000 courses with advanced sessions
  • known for its excellent teachers and in-depth coverage of topics

Mango Languages

  • online learning modules of over 50 languages
  • easy, intuitive interactive tools
  • practical conversational skills and valuable cultural insight for a foreign language
  • also provides modules for some English language learners



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