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From the Staff Book Blog…

book coverNumbed!
David Lubar

Sixth graders Logan and Benedict take a trip to the math museum with their class and are zapped by a mathematical robot named Cypher which numbs their ability to do math! Whereas before they took their mathematical ability for granted, they learn, to their horror, that now they can’t do any math even in ordinary situations such as knowing how much change they should get during a donut purchase at the mall, or how to tell when their mom returns by looking at a clock, and they can’t even count in the most basic way. They feel shame when given math tests they can’t do in class. Only by relearning math in the controlled part of the math museum they return to allows them to regain their mathematical abilities. There are various math problems given in the book, along with tips and tricks that the boys use to solve the math problems.

Reviewer: Sue K.

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From the Kids’ Book Blog…

book coverDivergent
Veronica Roth

I would really recommend Divergent, especially if you are interested in doing some reading over spring break. Divergent is one of my favorite books. THE FACTS: Who: A few of the main characters are Beatrice (or Trice), Four, Christina, Will, Eric, Peter, and Al. What: This part is a little confusing. There are five factions (erudite, abnegation, amity, candor, and dauntless). When you come of age, you take a test and that will decide what faction you are in. (Erudite is smarts, Abnegation is self-sacrifice, Amity is friendship, Candor is honesty, and Dauntless is bravery.) When: This book is set in the future. Where: This book is set in Chicago! Why: Apparently, it is to keep the city safe. PLOT: Beatrice (or Trice) is Divergent. That means that she doesn’t fit into one faction. She could be killed because of it. So she chooses Dauntless and pretends that it is what she scored on the test in order to stay alive. REVIEW: I would rate this book 4 stars. It had a great plot, but the writing was a little slow. CAUTION: This book has some romance, just FYI. It has a LOT of adventure, so if you want an exciting read, this is for you. I think this book could be from ages 10 and up.

Reviewer: Lucy T.
Rating: star rating

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