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Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Book Cover The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop
Kate Saunders

This book is about the Spoffard family who just moved onto 18 Skittle Street. Lily and Oz (Oscar) the twins find out that they are part of a magical society. The twins met an immortal/invisible/talking cat, an immortal/talking/smoking rat, and an ghost elephant, while they try to save magical chocolate molds. I hope you really like this book!

Reviewer: Taylor V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Wicked
Sara Shepard Shepard

Wicked is the fifth book in the Pretty Little Liars series. Now that Ian is in prison and a certain stalker is dead the girls think they are safe. Boy are they wrong. In fact they're more in danger than ever. Or are they.......

Reviewer: Angela O.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover I survived the shark attacks of 1916
Lauren Tarshis

I survived was a great book because of its details about when Chet got bitten by a shark. Another great thing about I survived was the pictures it could have been better with real photographs though.

Reviewer: Ava S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover One Direction: A Year With One Direction
Jo Avery

This book is Nonfiction. It has alot of interviews with the bandmembers themselves. I really liked the book. The reason I liked it was because I like them and their music.

Reviewer: Gia F.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Rumor Has It
Jane B. and Sarah H. Mason and Stephens

There is a new girl at school and Audrey Jones wants to know if the new girl-Mailee-wants to be friends with her. Mailee doesn't talk alot. That's why Audrey starts a Slam Book. A slam book is where the maker has questions and every person that gets needs to fill out. When Audrey gets the Slam Book back, she knows Mailee was the last one to have it. When she gets to the page of Audrey Jones is something really rude about her. Is she sure that it was Mailee who wrote this rude comment or was it her BFF?

Reviewer: Gia F.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Accidentally Fooled
Lisa Papademetriou

All 7th and 11th graders need to do a program called Step Out at Allington School. Amy Flowers has to teach First-Graders the importance on Health. The only thing that Amy isn't excited about at first is that she is going to be working with Allington's meanest girl-Fiona. Suddenly Fiona is being all nice to Amy. Amy is not going to be fooled. She doesn't believe in Fiona. What does Fiona want?

Reviewer: Gia F.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Miss Popularity and the Best Friend Disaster
Francesco Sedita

I wouldn't call this book my favorite. All it's about are 2 friends fighting over who gets to be Miss Popularity's BFF. I have to say, to me, there's a good twist in the middle.

Reviewer: Gia F.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Hunt for the Seventh
Christine Morton-Shaw

Jim's dad just got a new job at Minerva hall. Ever since Jim has been to Minerva Hall he feels like he is being watched. Ghosts are haunting Minerva Hall. Jim listens to a message one of the ghosts says. "Find the Seventh" says the ghost. But Jim realizes that these ghosts are kids that used to live in Minerva Hall. Another kid also lives there. Jim named him Einstein because he was so smart. Einstein is autistic and he is the son of the owner of the Hall. Jim needs to find the seventh kid before innocent people die.

Reviewer: Christopher V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Ralph S. Mouse
Beverly Cleary

Ralph is a mouse. His friend is a human boy named Ryan. His friend got into a fight with a boy in school named Brad. Brad did break Ralph's "MOTERCYCLE" but he gave Ralph a new sports car for the "MOTERCYCLE" and Ralph on accident made his motorcycle sound instead of a "SPORT'S CAR" sound. Then he let his cousins sit in the car but he drove it and his little cousins said it was too dangerous for little mice to drive it.

Reviewer: Hannah J.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop
Kate Saunders

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop is about three kids who go on adventure and the mission is about saving the world! I loved this book once i started reading it I could not stop! I loved it because it was full of adventure's and mystery! That is what I thought about The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

Reviewer: Grace B.
Rating: star rating

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