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Magic book lets pretend this never happened
Jamie Kelly

I've read another dear dumb diary and i really love the theme of them. a sweet girl who's in middle school and her arch enemy, Angeline, gets her beautiful blond hair tangled on all her key-chains on her backpack and gets the whole left side of her beautiful blond and shiny CUT OFF!! Angeline hates her look which is revenge for Angeline, and Angeline keeps trying to hide her bald spot by wearing a barrette and then the next day almost half the people in the school are wearing barrettes. a few weeks later Jamie spends her money on her very own barrette.

Reviewer: Gracie W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Phantom Tollbooth
Norton Juster

When Milo gets a unsuspecting and mysterious package in his mail, all his boring thoughts disappear. He starts in his pedal car and points toward the lands of beyond.In a flash he's in the kingdom of Wisdom. He goes though many wierd places and meets interesting people too.Soon, he's on a quest to bring back Rhyme and Reason.The question is now, is he going to accompish this task.

Reviewer: Shirley X.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Anne of Green Gables
L. M. Montgomery

11 year old Anne Shirley, adopted by Mathew and Marilla, learns how to fight for love from Marilla, Diana, teachers, and neighbors in Green Gables. If you would like to know how was life on Prince Edward Island about 100 years ago, and how Anne got to be the best student on the island you have to read the book.

Reviewer: Toby D.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover son
lois lowry

son was about a birth mother, Clair, who was trying to find her son that she gave birth to. the reason why was because when she gave birth, something was wrong with Gabe. it turns out that Gabe was trying to find Clair.

Reviewer: chloe l.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Just Grace Walks the Dog
Charise Harper

Grace and Mimi want a dog. But their parents say no unless they are responsible. So Grace and Mimi decided to make a fake dog and take care of it just like a real dog so there parents can let them have a real dog. But will Grace and Mimi's plan work?

Reviewer: Bori C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Forgotten Warrior
Erin Hunter

When Jayfeather returns home from the Mountains, He know a new prophecy that changes every thing for him, Dovewing, and Lionblaze. The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever.

Reviewer: Lauren D.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Sign of the Moon
Erin Hunter

Jayfeather, ThunderClan's Medicine Cat, is summoned to the Mountain, Home of The Tribe of Rushing Water, while Lionblaze, ThunderClan's strongest warrior, is left gruading the Clan. When Jayfeather reaches his goal, a surprise awaits him. The Tribe of Rushing Water is on the brink of being lost forever.

Reviewer: Lauren D.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Night Whispers
Erin Hunter

Lionblaze and Jayfeather, two cats of ThunderClan, are determind to uncover the reason that their Clan was lead into a deadly battle against rival ShadowClan. Meanwhlie, the apprentice Dovepaw struggles with a startling fact and realizes that evil is some times less than a couple whisker's away. As the tensions rise between each of the Four Clans, one cat will know and stand for what's right- and another will lost forever in a fight

Reviewer: Lauren D.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake 1906
Lauren Tarshis

Leo is living alone on the streets of San Francisco, selling Newspapers to earn a little a little money. His Mother had died when he was born and his father was killed from a fever. Now Leo has to live on his own without anyone to take care of him. When the gold nugget his father had given him gets stolen by mean street thugs, Leo must get his gold back. He plots a plan to get his gold back but it is foiled by the mighty rumbling that is coming from inside the earth. as the entire city of San Francisco is on fire, Leo must find a way to survive.

Reviewer: Claire K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Polar bears past bedtime
Mary Pope Osborne

Jack heard and saw a owl in the morning. He got his sister and followed the owl to the magic tree house. They climed up and saw Morgan. She gave them a riddle for their next adventure in the Arctic. When they got there they saw a man and he gave them two coats. Now,he will bring them back to his igloo.

Reviewer: Will H.
Rating: star rating

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