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Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Book Cover Dr. carbles is losing his marbles
Dan gutman

Dr. carbles is trying to fire mr. klutz, school principle job A.j. and his frinds are trying to save the principle job can A.j. and his frinds save the job

Reviewer: Dana C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Playing Games
Kim Wayans

Amy's friends are in a basketball team. But oh no, Evelyen, the best sport player, sprained her wrist! Then Amy decided to join the basketball team. Can Amy play basketball successfully?

Reviewer: Bori C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Salt in his Shoe
Deloris Jordan

The book was about a kid who loves Basketball. He went to the park with his brothers to play basketball. There was this kid who is always guarding him and he was huge. He wanted to be taller so he could be better. He ask his mom and she said put salt in your shoes and to pray vevery night. he did that for a long time but it never worked. So he ask his dad and he said to keep on practicing it and you would get better.

Reviewer: Will H.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Miss Mary is scary!
Dan Gutman

IT is crazy when A.J. finds out that he is going to have a student teacher. Well that is not the crazy part. The crazy part is when they find out that she Miss.Mary is Mr.Klutz's kid and Miss.Mary is a HORRIBLE teacher! Find out how A.J. and his friends survive this mess!

Reviewer: Molly M.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover twig
elizabeth jones

I like the book because there is magic in it and there is gum and I like gum. They live on the fourth floor of the apartment. Twig makes a lot of friends and she also has her own backyard.

Reviewer: Therese A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover betsy-tacy and tib
maud Lovelace

It is About three girls. I Like the book because their 9 and turning 10.

Reviewer: Therese A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover ivy and bean make the rules
annie barrows

It Was Abuot two girls and ther names wure ivy and bean. I Loved this book becuese thur both seven.

Reviewer: Therese A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Miranda the Beauty Fairy
Daisy Meadow

The new mall has opened! Kirsty and Rachel were looking around and saw Phoebe the Fashion Fairy! Phobe brought Kirsty and Rachel to Fairy Land. Phobe showed Kirsty and Rachel her helper Miranda, Claudia, Tyra, Alexa, Jennifer, Brook and Lola. Soon Jack Frost came and took all the magic tools. Now fashion looks will look terrible. Can Kirsty and Rachel get the magic tools back?

Reviewer: Bori C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Harry potter and the sorcerers stone
J.K Rowling

Harry potter survived lord Voldemorts attack on him. He lives with his aunt and uncle and he hates it because they are mean to him. So and large man named hagrid brings him to diagon alley and tells him about his past so harry goes to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Also he meets some friends on the way. And they find something suspicious and finds out what it is. Read the book to find out the end of the story. I loved the book best start off to the whole series.

Reviewer: Hannah J.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Runaway Dolls
Ann M. Martin

The third book in the Doll People series is about when Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft find a package that contains Annabelle's long lost sister, Matilda May (Tilly May). But when Annabelle tries to talk to her parents about it, they get mad and don't believe her. Then Annabelle, Tiffany, Bobby, Bailey, and Tilly May runaway. The Doll and Funcraft children find a toy shop. They then realize that running away was terrible idea. Read the book to find out what happens to Annabelle, Tiffany, Bobby, Bailey, and Tilly May get home and what new friends they make. Do you think that they will see the doll that terrified the Doll and the Funcraft family?

Reviewer: Taylor V.
Rating: star rating

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