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Book Cover Okay So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers
Jamie Kelly

THIS DIARY BELONGS TO: Jamie Kelly school: Mackerel Middle School Friends: Isabella, Emily, Stinkette, Angeline, and Stinker Special Abilities: dancing, Writing, Glitterization, Drawing, and ant care DO NOT READ MY DIARY I really love the theme of this book. you don't get to have superpowers everyday. anyway, this book is about this girl named Jamie, and she gets bitten by a really chubby kid named Fat Ricky, and that bite happens to give her superpowers. The fun fair is coming up and all the boys want to ask little miss pretty (Angeline) to hang out with him at the fun fair.

Reviewer: Gracie W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover ivy and bean Doomed To dance #6
annie barrows

I Like it becuase it's about Two Kid's And Their Live's. Ivy has brown hair and bean has black hair.

Reviewer: Therese A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover ivy and bean take care of the babysitter
annie borrows

I like it because there kid's and there both seven and they are best friends. Only bean has a sister and her name is Nancy. Bean has black hair and Ivy has brown hair.

Reviewer: Therese A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover the secret book club
Ann martin

I liked the book because the book has stories about sadness, friendship and happiness. It has stories from each of the main characters and in every book there is a chapter called A peek in the windows and in that chapter it tells you about everything that is happening at their friends house and everything that is happening at each one of the row houses which is where the main characters lives. I really think that this is a really good book!

Reviewer: Audrey A.
Rating: star rating

Magic book claudia and the phantom phone call
ann martin

i liked claudia and the phantom phone call because it had a mystery and because it is not too spooky. I think it is a really good book.

Reviewer: Audrey A.
Rating: star rating

Magic book Stone of Fire
Geronimo Stilton

A women named Fern told them they had to come over because The Stone of Fire went missing. Then Geronimo saw sticky and slimy stuff on the ceiling. Now they think a feline stle the stone of fire because they said it had to of bine a feline because it had to have bine clever. Then they went to the rotten tooth tavern to get information. When they were going there they were talking about how stupid the owner[the owner was his cousin trap]was. Then they started talking to a mouse named Carl.

Reviewer: Will H.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Addison the April Fool's Day Fairy
Daisy Meadows

I really liked this book. This book is about Addison not being able to use her magic items on April Fool's Day because the Goblins stole them. Read the book to find out how Addison, Kirsty, and Rachel get the magic items back.

Reviewer: Taylor V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth
E. L. Konigsburg

I thought this book was OK. One part I did like was when Jennifer decides to teach Elizabeth how to become a witch. However, I thought that the author didn't really describe the personalities of the characters. I would recommend this book if you like witches.

Reviewer: Taylor V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Grizzly Dad
Joanna Harrison

This book is o.k. in my opinion. In this book a dad wakes up in a bad mood. The dad turns into a bear! The boy realizes that having a bear for a dad isn't so bad after all... I recommend this book to dads that are grumpy and children and anybody who love a good laugh.

Reviewer: Dawn J.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover A Dog's Purpose
Wiliam Cameron

A dog's life in the dog's point of view. The dog has many lives to complete with lots of owners and names. It took some time to fulfill the dog's purpose though.

Reviewer: Shirley X.
Rating: star rating

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