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Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Book Cover Killer Whales
Seymour Simon

Killer Whales are called orcas. Male Orcas weighs up to ten tons. They swim 30 miles per hour.

Reviewer: Molly M.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie

This book is about 10 people chosen at random that all have something: they all murdered someone in some different way. They are all invited to Soldier Island. The night they all get there, someone already dies. Who is the murderer? This book was really good because it keeps you thinking. Some parts are kind of confusing and some parts are kind of boring but otherwise it's a really good book.

Reviewer: Katie M.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Zip It
Kurtis Scaletta

Uncle Rick finally cashes in his rain check! When Lance Pantano gets a perfect game, Uncle Rick get's to see one. They are so RARE!

Reviewer: Josh A.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover whitney the whale fairy
daisy meadows

this book was a whale of a tale! daisy meadows is a very interesting author. The ocean fairies keep all of the oceans safe, but when a conch shell breaks the ocean goes crazy! Can Rachel and Kirsty help?

Reviewer: Sadie M.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Breaking Stalin's Nose
Eugene Yelchin

Sasha is a normal kid living in Soviet Russia. He is fighting for communism. He always dreamed of being a young pioneer. On the day they would march, Sasha would hold the banner with Stalin on it. The day of the march, Sasha went to go and retrieve the banner. On his way back to the class room he pretends he is at the parade. He imagines that Stalin is talking to him. Then every thing goes wrong the crowed starts running so he also runs. The banner falls out of his hands and the tip breaks of Stalins nose. Then the whole school goes mad and tries to find how took of statins nose. Innocent people go to jail. I loved this book it is very suspenseful.

Reviewer: Michael V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Drama
Raina Telgemeier

Drama is a good book because Callie is in a crew for a play and I want to do that also. Callie really wants to have a canon, but the canon doesn't actually work that well so she keeps trying to get it to work. I like that she's determined to do it. I recommend this book.

Reviewer: Sophia K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Changes For Addy
Connie Porter

This book is happy when Addy's family finds her Auntie Lula and sister Esther. They couldn't find them because they were slaves. Addy, her mom, her dad, and her brother used to be slaves. It is sad when her Uncle Solomon dies on the way to freedom and when her Auntie Lula dies two days before Christmas.

Reviewer: Sophia K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Disney's The Lion King
Don Ferguson

I liked this book because when king mufasa had a baby, he showed Simba and it made me feel happy. I was also afraid for Simba because he was in danger. My favorite part is when Mufasa saved Simba, struck the hyenas, and Ed was failing down and is teeth we're stuck together and his eyes were wide open.

Reviewer: Gabriel K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Sincerely
Courtney Sheinmel

I like this book because Sophie and Katie turn in to friends and I like books about friendship. Sophie Tuner has a hard life because her parents fight and get divorced. Also, her best friend, Jessie, is to cool to hang out with her. Sophie has to go through a few twists on the way such as finding new friends and getting used to her dad living somewhere else. Katie Franklin also has a hard life because her mom doesn't care about her as much as her sister, Julie, and her best friend,Jake, is ignoring her while she is planning a jog-a-thon for an earthquake in Mexico. Her mom is upset that Katie tells Aunt Jean more then she tells her. Best of all, Sophie Tuner is coming to San Francisco and she can come to the jog-a-thon. In the end, Jake is talking to her and the jog-a-thon is perfect until her Aunt is leaving for Mexico and she doesn't know how long. Katie is very mad. This is a great book.

Reviewer: Sophia K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Danny The Champion of the World
Roald Dahl

It's about this boy who's dad goes pooching. His name in Danny. His mom died when he was just born. So his dad had to take care of him. They have wonderful adventures along the way. I loved the book.

Reviewer: Hannah J.
Rating: star rating

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