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Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Book Cover Exploring The Chicago World's Fair, 1893
Laurie Lawlor

I like this book because it had a lot of different twists. First, they can't live with there father because the place he works at doesn't allow girls. Second, they barely have a enough money for food and a shelter. Then, the girls mother changes a lot. She becomes a Hootchy Cootchy Dancer. Her children Dora, Lillian, Phoebe, and Tess were embarresed. In the end they loose their youngest sister, Tess. They find her. This is an amazing book written about 1893.

Reviewer: Sophia K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover A Tangle of Knots
Lisa Graff

This book is about a orphan girl named Cady, she is the only one left at Miss Mallory's Home for Girls. She has a talent for baking, she can look at somebody and know their perfect cake. Also in this book there are chapters that are from different characters point of view. And some parts of this book has 2 or 3 or maybe more little stories/events happing at a time!!! If you think this sounds good I think you should read it. (I really like the Prologue and the Epilogue!!!!)

Reviewer: Taylor V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Running Dream
Wendelin Draanen

This book is about a girl named Jessica who is a track superstar. She runs a 400 meter run in 55 seconds and set a league record for her high school. After coming home from a track meet in a bus they get into an accident. This accident takes the life of her friend lucy sanders and jessica has to amputate her right leg from below the knee. Will jessica ever be able to walk again or even run?

Reviewer: Rachel W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Powerless
Matthew Cody

This book is about a boy named daniel who moves to noble green the safest city in the world. He moves there so that his family could move in with their grandma who is very ill with cancer. He makes new friends and discovers that they are different then other kids. They are super heroes. When his friends turn 13 they wont remeber him anymore. Will daniel be able to stop the 'spirit' to take away his friends memory?

Reviewer: Rachel W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Unstoppable
tim green

This book is about a boy named harrison who is a foster kid. He got adopted by a nice family and his new dad got him into liking football. He hurt his knee so he got an X-ray. The doctors found out when he got the xray that he has bone cancer. He got his whole leg amputated off. Will harrison be able to play football again?

Reviewer: Rachel W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Hunt for the Seventh
Christine Morton-Shaw

Jim has moved to Minerva Hall where he encounters six ghost children. They keep on telling him to find the seventh. Jim does not know what the seventh is. They give Jim clues to find the seventh by showing there deaths and the favorite toys. If the seventh is not found the Hall and village will be flooded. I liked this book because it has that mysterious felling.

Reviewer: Michael V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Another Whole Nother Story
Cuthbert Soup

Ethan and his children have traveled back in time, to the year 1668. There they and Captain Jibby will break the curse of the White Gold Chalice. Along the way, they'll battle pirates and witch hunters plus two mysterious people that have come from the future...

Reviewer: Bradley C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Darke
Angie Sage

After the ghost of Alther Mella is Banished, Septimus is embarking on his Darke Week, when in which the apprentice must dabble with the Darke. Septimus intends to travel to the Dark Halls to get Alther back, but Merrin Merrideth is found lodging in the Palace attic, creating a Darke Domaine. I really enjoyed this book because it was suspenseful all the way until the last page.

Reviewer: Emily K.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Big Nate From the Top
Lincoln Peirce

This book is about Nate and his friends. They eat lunch and tell a lot of jokes. This is a really good book and I read it twice.

Reviewer: Noah S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Syren
Angie Sage

Septimus is returning Nicko, Snorri, Ullr, Jenna, and Beetle pack to the Palace when a storm strikes and injures Septimus's dragon, Spit Fyre. They are stranded on a island in the middle of no where, left to face a possessive spirit and a 500 year old Extraordinary Wizard apprentice. I really loved this book because it was full of action and humor!

Reviewer: Emily K.
Rating: star rating

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