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Book Cover Flipped
Wendelin Van Draanen

At first, Bryce wanted to avoid Juli at all costs. But Juli wanted to be with Bryce and daydreamed about being his girlfriend. But after several incidents and events, things got flipped. Bryce loved Juli but Juli wanted to be away from him. I liked this book because it has a lot of drama in it. Although drama can be confusing, drama in books can be pretty interesting.

Reviewer: Seoyeon P.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Bamboo People
Mitali Perkins

Chicko a 15 year old boy who lives with his mom in Burma. His dad was sent to prison for violating government rules. Chicko is sent to a military camp after wanting to teach. But soldiers stole him at a teaching tryout. He met a kid named Tai in the camp. Chicko has to survive the camp for three years. But after losing his leg from a mine explosion, this is his ticket back. I really enjoyed this book because it teaches people to fight for there rights.

Reviewer: Christopher V.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Anne of Green Gables
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne is a lively girl who talks a lot. She is adopted by Matthew and Marilla, and bring a ton of surprises to everyone. I liked this book because it was very well written and it inspired me. I think Anne is a loving character and she's one of my favorite characters of all of the books I've read.

Reviewer: Seoyeon P.
Rating: star rating

Magic book Dreams under the sea
Emily Hutta

This book is about Ariel pretending to get married.It was under water. I liked the book.I liked the story line.

Reviewer: Channing C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Nanotechnology
Rebbeca Johnson

Did you know that nanotechnology can make clothes change color with the flick of a switch? Nanotechnology is about,well, nanotechnology, which means to manage matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology can let you brush spills off your shirt like it were lint, make car bumpers literally indestructible, and perform surgical operations. Well, don't just sit there looking at the computer monitor. Go read the book!

Reviewer: Eric L.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery
John Feinstein

Stevie and Susan Carol win a writing competition. They get to go to the final four as the winners as reporters. But they are exploring the dome and overhear the MSU president blackmailing MSU's top player. Will they uncover the truth in time?

Reviewer: Charlotte F.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Wonder
R.J Palacio

August Pullman has been home-schooled his entire life and is finally going to a "normal" school in fifth grade. As hard as this seems as an ordinary kid Auggie isn't ordinary. Well he is but his face isn't. Auggie was born with many disorders so he's used to staring but is Auggie ready for middle school? Told from six points of view this story talks about prejudice, love, bullies, medical mysteries, divorce, and finding who your real friends are.

Reviewer: Angela O.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Loser
Jerry Spinelli

Donald Zinkoff was an odd boy and was mocked by a lot of his peers. He struggles to make friends because of his odd sense of humor and his clumsiness. Everyone calls him a loser. I liked this book because I felt really bad for Donald and it was a very sad, lonely, yet fun book.

Reviewer: Seoyeon P.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover So B. It
Sarah Weeks

Heidi has a mentally disabled mother, but fortunately, their neighbor, Bernadette, takes care of them most of the time. Heidi always wondered what her mother's past was and where she came from and where Heidi came from. She tries to find answers to all her questions. I liked this book because it was a very touching story and Heidi's life was very sweet and mysterious.

Reviewer: Seoyeon P.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Five People You'll Meet In Heaven
Mitch Albom

Eddie died from a broken, falling amusement park ride, but that wasn't the end of the book. He had to meet 5 different people who were once a part of his life. From each of them, he will learn a lesson. I liked this book because it taught me some lessons about life.

Reviewer: Seoyeon P.
Rating: star rating

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