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Book Cover Variant
Robison Wells

Benson Fisher thought that going to a brand new school was his one way ticket out of misery in his dull and tragic life. Unfortunately, now that he has gotten there, he can never leave! Surrounded by barbed wire and secret woodland spy creatures, Benson thinks that it's impossible to leave. Or is it?

Reviewer: Alton S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Night Crossing
Karen Ackerman

Clara is an Austrian. Back when Hitler went around fighting.Young Clara & her family must leave Austria.Clara takes a not exactly exiting trip traveling only at night.Hitch a ride with Clara on a daring journey to Switzerland.

Reviewer: Dawn J.
Rating: star rating

Magic book Who was Thomas Jefferson?
Dennis Brindell Fradin

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States of america.At Boston's harbor the Americans dumped tea into the harbor because the British were taxing them on the tea.Thomas Jefferson wanted to to create an independent country. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Reviewer: Luke P.
Rating: star rating

Magic book The one and only ivan
Katherine Applegate

Ivan is a gorilla. He lives in a mall in his domain he has a Tire swing, T.v, pool and a Not tag. He has friends named stella ruby mack George Bob.

Reviewer: Luke P.
Rating: star rating

Magic book National Geographic Kids - Deadliest Animals
Melissa Stewart

I liked this book because it had a lot of facts about these animals. The black cape buffalo is the scariest because they charge together in groups and stampede other animals.

Reviewer: Madeline S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover National Geographic Kids - Tigers
Laura Marsh

This book had a lot of facts about tigers. Tigers are carnivores. That means they eat meat. I learned that tiger's front teeth are 3 inches long.

Reviewer: Madeline S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Piper Reed Gets a Job
Kimberly Wills

Piper and her friends Michael, Hailey, Nicol, wanted a treehouse. But price of the treehouse was .99! So Piper and her friends decided to get a job. Piper's jobs were party planing and illustrating a book and baby siting triplets. Michael, Hailey and Nicol helped with the party planing. Can Piper and her friends keep up the good work?

Reviewer: Bori C.
Rating: star rating

Magic book Geronimo Stilton The Giant Diamond Robbery
Geronimo stilton

Geronimo Stilton on the case!Geronimo is called by his grandfather, William Shortpaws,to a golf tournament!!! But something is wrong. Geronimo's ball keeps on going into wacky places! Is Geronimo just bad at golf or is Sally Ratmousen's "grandma" behind everything? Find out in Geronimo Stilton, the Great Diamond Robbery.

Reviewer: Dawn J.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover snow treasure
Marie McSwigan

the winter of 1940 was like no other for Norwey they found 20,000 dollars in gold. and children have to carry it on their sleds right under the noses of Nazis and German officers with guns! (the nazis and the germans both want the gold)

Reviewer: Molly M.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover the land of stories the enchantress returns
Chris Colfer

twins Alex and Conner Bailey had enough action for twelve year olds. but now that their 13 they need more to the land of stories. but besides that their mother has fallen in love and when bob (her love) is about to propose to her after work the twins and bob find out that their mother has been kidnaped by the evil enchantress. but how will they get their mother back? people from the fairytale world like mother goose and Xantyous the male fairy and the fairy god mother (their grandma) visits them, and they have to follow their grandmothers orders, but will they. two days after living with the fairytale people Alex rides her bike over to her Grandmas cottage and Conner secretly follows her. in the cottage they find a picture that looks familiar to them and then they realize it is the Ugly Duckling pond. but they knew that their Grandma had some way into the land of stories in her house. then they knew it the Ugly Duckling pond was a portal to the land of stories then Conner put his hand inside of the picture and the cottage started to fill up with water and it kept getting higher and higher the twins could barley touch the bottom and then suddenly it all stopped and the cottage was no longer their and neither were the twins the twins were no longer in the normal world they were in the Ugly duckling pond they got out f the Ugly Duckling pond and they met up with froggy again he was almost as tall as conner. froggy took them to reds castle where she was sitting in her library reading in the exact same position she was in on the picture above her. "good morning darling" red said and who might that be "this is Alex and Conner Bailey" suddenly jack and Goldilocks walked in and they all worked together to try to defeat the Evil enchantress. by using the wand of wonderment

Reviewer: Gracie W.
Rating: star rating

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