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Not sure what to read next? Check out what kids at WPL have been reading. You might get some ideas!  Click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

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Magic book The Hidden
Richard Sala

I enjoyed the book. It had great illustrations. The storyline was fast action and adventure with some surprises especially at the end.

Reviewer: David T.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Just Grace and the Trouble with cupcakes
Charise Harper

The school fair is starting! Grace's class is deciding to pick a name for the fair. Grace promised Mimi that if Mimi's idea was the best then Grace will not make her idea better than Mimi's. But then Grace accidentally broke the promise! Now Mimi dose not want to be Grace's best friend anymore! Can Grace get Mimi to be her friend again and work on the school fair?

Reviewer: Bori C.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy
Daisy Meadows

This book is about a fairy named Nina The Birthday Cake Fairy. She goes on a amazing adventure.

Reviewer: Madeline S.
Rating: star rating

Magic book Winx Club 8 - Magic in the Air
Iginio Straffi

This book was a graphic novel. It was two stories about six fairies. The fairies fought crime. This book had a lot of good vocabulary and dialog.

Reviewer: Madeline S.
Rating: star rating

Magic book The International T-shirt Challenge
Elizabeth Strauss

It's about this boy named Web Boy,getting challenged by Keyboard Queen. The challenge is :If you have 0 how many T-shirts would you spend it on? How much is leftover? Web boy did not like shopping but his secret weapon is his weblog. Getting ideas from other people actully helped.Anyways, what was his idea,and did it help? Did he complete his challenge? I love this book! I love this book because he and his friend Keyboard Queen are sooooooooooooooooooo eventful!

Reviewer: Xiaotian S.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Ice Age 2 The Meltdown: Geyser Blast
Ellie O'Ryan

A raven says the world is going to be flooded in three days and a boat could take them to shore. They made it to the boat but it was too fast and they had to get through this geyser gorge. They got to safety on the boat.

Reviewer: Liam H.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover Detective Chase McCain:Stop That Heist!
Trey King

Chase McCain chased four robbers who were stealing the blue diamond. I like the book. I like when the villains got put in jail.

Reviewer: Liam H.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover My Forever Friends
Julie Bowe

It's about four girls who are best friends and their names are ida, Brooke, ,Jenna, and Stacey. But Jenna and Brooke became enemies! So Ida tells Brooke and Jenna to say sorry to each other but they do not want to unless the other person says sorry first. Can Ida make Jenna and Brooke friends again?

Reviewer: Bori C.
Rating: star rating

Magic book lets pretend this never happened
Jamie Kelly

I've read another dear dumb diary and i really love the theme of them. a sweet girl who's in middle school and her arch enemy, Angeline, gets her beautiful blond hair tangled on all her key-chains on her backpack and gets the whole left side of her beautiful blond and shiny CUT OFF!! Angeline hates her look which is revenge for Angeline, and Angeline keeps trying to hide her bald spot by wearing a barrette and then the next day almost half the people in the school are wearing barrettes. a few weeks later Jamie spends her money on her very own barrette.

Reviewer: Gracie W.
Rating: star rating

Book Cover The Phantom Tollbooth
Norton Juster

When Milo gets a unsuspecting and mysterious package in his mail, all his boring thoughts disappear. He starts in his pedal car and points toward the lands of beyond.In a flash he's in the kingdom of Wisdom. He goes though many wierd places and meets interesting people too.Soon, he's on a quest to bring back Rhyme and Reason.The question is now, is he going to accompish this task.

Reviewer: Shirley X.
Rating: star rating

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