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Reviews by Alice J.

Titles are listed alphabetically by the author's last name. You can click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

Book Cover Meet Rebecca
Jacqueline Dembar Greene

The newest American Girl is Rebecca Rubin who lives in New York City in 1914. Her grandparents and parents don't always agree on American lifestyles. While her grandparents prefer to keep the religious customs of the past like honoring the Sabbath, Rebecca's parents have adapted to their new country and choose more modern practices. Rebecca and her close family show what life was like when immigrants came to this country. For ages 8 and up.

WPL Call Number: J Greene
Review Date: 7/6/09


Book Cover Queen Sophie Hartley
Stephanie Greene

Sophie is the middle child who feels she cannot do anything right. Her older brother plays the violin, her sister excels at ballet, her younger brother draws cartoons, and even the baby is good at being a baby. Making a list of everything she cannot do makes Sophie realize that the only thing she is good at is crying. After her mother suggests that Sophie is good at being kind, Sophie tries to find her special talent with a new classmate and a grouchy older woman. For ages 7 - 10.

WPL Call Number: J Greene
Review Date: 7/15/05


Book Cover My Life in Pink and Green
Lisa Greenwald

Lucy spends most of her time in the family's pharmacy and knows that business is bad. To help bring in customers, Lucy has turned a storage space into a Relaxation Room and has started helping young customers with makeup tips. She secretly applies for the mayor's Going Green grant for businesses without telling her mother and grandmother. This spunky character is full of ideas and wants to be taken seriously by the adults around her. This timely title is good for ages 10 and up.

WPL Call Number: Y Greenwald
Review Date: 7/20/09


Book Cover Rosy Cole's Worst Ever, Best Yet Tour of New York City
Sheila Greenwald

New Yorker Rosy Cole wants to show her small town cousin all the great tourist sites so he will like NYC. Her big plans don't work out as she expected but her cousin has such a good time he isn't ready to go home! Gr. 2 - 5.

WPL Call Number: J Greenwald
Review Date: 2/4/04


Book Cover I'll Sing You One-O
Nan Gregory

Gemma is being taken from her foster home by an unknown aunt and uncle who have raised her twin brother since he was a sick baby. She is terrified of these strangers and desperately wants to return to the farm which is the only home she can remember. Feeling unwanted by the family, Gemma decides her only escape will be with the help of an angel. Her efforts to find one involve stealing and running away. Confronting the truth helps Gemma understand her situation and realize where she belongs. A different kind of heroine for ages ten and up.

WPL Call Number: Y Gregory
Review Date: 11/2/06


Book Cover Where I Want To Be
Adele Griffin

This is the tale of two sisters. Jane, older by one year, prefers her fantasy life and does not want to grow up. The younger Lily is a popular and smart teenager who tries to understand her difficult sister. Chapters alternate between Jane's point of view and Lily's. Jane has died and is telling about her life and her mental illness. Lily is trying to cope with her sister's death and feelings of guilt. Unusual story for ages 12 and up.

WPL Call Number: Y Griffin
Review Date: 7/13/05


Book Cover Dear Max
Sally Grindley

Young Max wants to be a writer but needs ideas and writes a letter to the author of the book he just finished. Author "D. J. Lucas" answers immediately with encouragement for Max. The two continue their correspondence as Max reveals his sadness about his father's death, his fear of the class bully, his lack of friends and his frequent doctor's visits. Author Lucas reveals that she too is looking for ideas for her next book. In their letters they exchange tips for writing and develop a close friendship without ever meeting in person. For ages 7 and up.

WPL Call Number: J Grindley
Review Date: 9/7/06


Book Cover Hold Me Tight
Lorie Ann Grover

In poetic verse, Essie tells how her father walks out on the family and a classmate is kidnapped. Suffering with headaches in school and too much responsibility at home, Essie has trouble focusing. Her mother cannot work while she is pregnant and the family unit struggles to survive. Essie shares her feelings about loss and control in short passages. A very realistic portrayal of family life. For ages 10 and up.

WPL Call Number: Y Grover
Review Date: 8/31/05


Book Cover On Pointe
Lorie Ann Grover

Clare has been preparing for ten years to become a dancer in the City Ballet. She is spending the summer living with her grandfather so she can be close to the dance studio where she has classes every day. Fierce competition does not assure Clare a spot. She is afraid she may lose her dream and disappoint her mother. How she and her family deal with changes is written in free verse. This is a fast personal story of hope and heartache. For ages 10 and up.

WPL Call Number: Y Grover
Review Date: 12/21/04


Book Cover The Goodbye Season
Marian Hale

Mercy hopes her life will be different than that of her hard working mother. These are tough times for a struggling sharecropper's family and Mercy is sent to work for another family. Before she is able to see her family again, the 1918 influenza epidemic causes many deaths in her small Texas town and surrounding areas. Mercy's ability to survive on her own proves her inner strength. A powerful story for ages 12 and up.

WPL Call Number: Y Hale
Review Date: 1/14/10


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