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Reviews by Lyn P.

Titles are listed alphabetically by the author's last name. You can click the title of each book to check its availability in the WPL catalog.

Book Cover The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Kate DiCamillo

This was a fabulous reading (by Judith Ivey) of a very touching story about a china rabbit whose arrogance and complacency are shattered by several dramatic events. Ivey, a Tony-Award winning actress, does especially well with all the different voices of the many characters. A great family listen (probably best if the children are at least 8 or 9, as one of Edward's "situations" is quite intensely sad).

WPL Call Number:  J BOOK ON CD DI
Review Date: 9/21/06


Book Cover The Goblin Baby
Berlie Doherty

Tam's new baby sister is stolen away, replaced with a strange goblin baby with transfixing eyes. Unfortunately, Tam has to be brave and try to get his real sister back again. His journey through the land of fairies results in many adventures, some scary and some surprising. Fun fantasy for 2d and 3d graders; Magic Treehouse fans will enjoy this.

WPL Call Number: J Doherty
Review Date: 9/11/09


Book Cover The Kind of Friends We Used to Be
Frances Dowell

Kate and Marylin used to be best friends, but things are different in 7th grade, especially when one is a middle school cheerleader and the other just bought a pair of big black combat boots. The sometimes brutal arena of friendship dynamics is brought to life in this often funny book. Sequel to The Secret Language of Girls, this will be enjoyed by Judy Blume and Meg Cabot fans in grades 4-6.

WPL Call Number: J Dowell
Review Date: 11/30/09


Book Cover Boy O'Boy
Brian Doyle

Acclaimed Canadian author (who was short-listed for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1998) takes on a grim subject in this story about a boy who is abused by the organist at the church where he sings in the choir. Set in a Canadian city during World War II, the book also recounts Martin's additional problems: his pregnant mother is harried, his father is surly, his twin brother is severely disabled, and his kind and encouraging grandmother has just died. Powerful, beautifully written, heart-breaking...but probably not for everyone.

WPL Call Number: Y Doyle
Review Date: 9/7/04


Book Cover Remember D-Day: The Plan, The Invasion, Survivor Stories
Ronald J. Drez

Interesting, smoothly written non-fiction illustrated with lots of photographs. Also included are many stories told by some of the survivors - in one case, a man who was the only one of thirty soldiers aboard his boat to live. With a foreword by David Eisenhower (historian and grandson of the general in charge of the invasion). For grades 4 and older.

WPL Call Number: Y940.54 DR
Review Date: 11/30/04


Book Cover The City of Ember
Jeanne DuPrau

Dystopia about a primitive underground society without movable light and with ever diminishing supplies of food. The two main characters, Lina and Doon, are 12 years old, and have been assigned their official occupations as messenger and pipeworker. Before long, they accidentally learn something that may save their city. Political corruption is another underlying theme of this absorbing book, the first in a series for grades 5 and up.

WPL Call Number: Y DuPrau
Review Date: 4/8/10


Book Cover The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle
David Elliott

The flyleaf says this is "...part Franz Kafka and part Roald Dahl," which is absolutely true. Does a new burger place in town have anything to do with Roscoe's strangely changing appearance? Could he be turning into...a bug? And how about all those other kids who've disappeared? With humor that's sometimes wacky, sometimes dark, this is an original story that also has an underlying sweetness. For grades 3 - 5.

WPL Call Number: J Elliott
Review Date: 12/10/04


Book Cover Jakeman
Deborah Ellis

It's Mother's Day weekend, and Jake and his older sister join lots of other children and teens on a ten hour bus ride to visit their mothers in a maximum security prison. Readers get to know and care about the circumstances of these kids' lives in a novel with lots of plot twists and a hopeful but not sugar-coated ending. Recommended for grades 5 and up.

WPL Call Number: J Ellis
Review Date: 5/6/08


Book Cover Thumbelina: Tiny Runaway Bride
Barbara Ensor

Charming enhancement of the Thumbelina story, chronicling her adventures from her birth in a flower to her engagement to a crotchety blind mole to her escape via a bird. Only the ending has been changed from Andersen's original, and it's been changed in a way that will make it more appealing for the 2d and 3d grade girls who will enjoy this. Illustrated with black and white pictures reminiscent of Andersen's papercuts. Great book for fans of princesses and fairy tales!

WPL Call Number: J Ensor
Review Date: 10/3/08


Book Cover Mockingbird
Kathryn Erskine

10 year-old Caitlin, who has Asperger's syndrome, suffers a traumatic experience when her brother is killed in a school shooting. She and her father struggle with the aftermath of this tragedy in this heart-rending novel. This is written as a first person narrative, from Caitlin's point of view, so readers experience her feelings and perceptions in a very direct way. For 5th and 6th graders.

WPL Call Number: J Erskine
Review Date: 8/4/10


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