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Baby Brothers and Sisters

You can find these recommended books in JE Picture Books, shelved alphabetically by the author's last name. Nonfiction books about babies are shelved in JE306.87 and J306.87. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.
Adler Baby, Come Away    (A bird, a cat, a dog, and a fish each imagine an ideal day with a baby.)
Blackall The Baby Tree    (After several false explanations, a young boy learns where babies come from. Includes advice on explaining reproduction.)
Bunting Will It Be a Baby Brother?    (A little boy is certain that his expectant mother will give birth to a baby brother.)
Cocca-Leffler Theo's Mood    (Theo's classmates help him understand his mixed feelings about becoming a big brother.)
Edwards Room for the Baby    ( A little boy worries that the family's sewing room will never be ready for the new baby, but his mother finds a use for everything in the room.)
Frazee The Boss Baby    (Boss baby gets everything he wants, from made-to-order drinks to his own gym. )
Gliori Where Did That Baby Come From?    (A creature wonders where his squeaky, leaky sibling came from and whether it should be set free.)
Holt Waiting for Gregory    (A young girl eagerly awaits the birth of her cousin, but she's confused by the way relatives answer her questions.)
Kanevsky Here is the Baby    (Follows a day in the life of a baby, from waking to bedtime. )
Katz Now I'm Big!    (A big sister marvels about all the things she can do, from dressing herself to reading to her baby sister. )
Keats Peter's Chair    (When Peter discovers his baby furniture is being painted pink for the new baby, he decides to save his old chair.)
Lund Tell Me My Story, Mama    (As they await the arrival of a new baby, a mother tells her young daughter of the time when they waited for her to be born.)
Mackall There's a Baby in There!    (A four-year-old chimpanzee finds it hard to believe that a baby is growing inside his mother's belly.)
Overend Welcome with Love    (The whole family helps when a mom delivers her baby at home.)
Patz Babies Can't Eat Kimchee    (A baby sister is too young to dance ballet or eat spicy food.)
Puttock The Baby That Roared    (When a bundle appears on their doorstep, Mrs. Deer thinks her wish for a baby has been granted. Mr. Deer is not so sure.)
Ross I Want a Sister    (A little princess insists that the new baby will have to be a girl. )
Salerno Harry Hungry!    (Baby Harry eats all the food in the house, then goes out to find more.)
Schaefer One Special Day    (An energetic and imaginative boy becomes a big brother.)
Scott On Mother's Lap    (An Inuit boy discovers his mother's lap is big enough for both him and the new baby.)
Tarpley Ten Tiny Toes    (Illustrations and rhyming text celebrate a new baby.)
Vamos Before You Were Here, Mi Amor    (Family members lovingly prepare for the arrival of a new baby. Spanish words are woven throughout the text.)
Van Leeuwen Benny and Beautiful Baby Delilah    (Benny is not pleased when the new baby, Delilah, arrives.)
White Ruby's Baby Brother    (When her mother brings home a new baby, Ruby learns how important a big sister can be.)
Wilson What's in the Egg, Little Pip?    (Little Pip the penguin comes to terms with the presence of an Egg, which will soon hatch into a little brother or sister.)
Woodson Pecan Pie Baby    (When Mama's pregnancy draws attention away from Gia, she worries that their special bond will disappear forever.)
Young Don't Eat the Baby    (Tom is ambivalent about his new baby brother, but he is disturbed that the relatives say they want to eat Nate up.)
Yum The Twins' Little Sister    (Twin sisters worry about a new baby getting all the attention.)
Ziefert Waiting for Baby    (Max talks and sings to the baby in his mother's tummy, hoping to coax it into the world.)

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