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Animal Fiction for Grades 6-8

These animal stories can be found in Youth (Y) Fiction, filed alphabetically under the author's name. Some are realistic (the animals act like real animals), and others are fantastic (the animals act more like people). If you are not sure which is which, please ask a librarian! Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.
Ackerman Spirit Horse
Adams Watership Down
Adler More Than a Horse
Armstrong Sounder
Arnosky Long Spikes
Avi The Good Dog
Bagnold National Velvet
Beckwith The Spuddy
Bethancourt The Dog Days of Arthur Cane
Booth War Dog
Branford Fire, Bed and Bone
Branford White Wolf
Burnford Bel Ria
Calvert Bigger
Calvert The Snowbird
Corcoran Wolf at the Door
Eckert Incident at Hawk's Hill
Ellis Swimming with Whales
Gallico The Snow Goose
George Julie of the Wolves
George Shark Beneath the Reef
George Water Sky
Graham A Boy and His Bear
Griffiths Blackface Stallion
Hart Shadow Horse
Hendry Quest for a Kelpie
Hesse The Music of Dolphins
Hiaasen Hoot
Hobbs Bearstone
Hobbs Jackie's Wild Seattle
Hunter Into the Wild
Hunter Warriors, the New Prophecy    (Series)
Jacques Redwall    (Series)
Kadohata Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam
Kamida Night Mare
Karr Exiled: Memoir of a Camel
Kehret Trapped
Kennedy The Boy Who Loved Alligators
Kjelgaard Outlaw Red: Son of Big Red
Koja Straydog
Leonard A Coyote's in the House
Lester The Snow Pony
London The Call of the Wild
London White Fang
Lowry Stay!: Keeper's Story
Mazer The Dog in the Freezer
Mikaelsen Rescue Josh McGuire
Morey Kavik the Wolf Dog
Morpurgo War Horse
Napoli North
Neville It's Like This, Cat
O'Hara My Friend Flicka
Oppel Silverwing
Patent Return of the Wolf
Paulsen Dogsong
Peck A Day No Pigs Would Die
Pennac Eye of the Wolf
Pinkwater Cloud Horse
Quintana The Baboon King
Rawlings The Yearling
Rawls Summer of the Monkeys
Rawls Where the Red Fern Grows
Reid Banks Tiger, Tiger
Russell Dogboy
Skurzynski The Hunted
Smith Winter-Broken
Steinbeck The Red Pony
Talbert The Trap
Taylor Sniper
Wallace Coyote Autumn
Wallace Red Dog
Westall Blitzcat
Wilson Stray

Last Updated: 2/08

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