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Animal Fiction for Grades 6-8

This list features novels in which the animals act like real animals. For fantasies about animals, please see the Animal Fantasy list. Additional animal stories may be listed with Classics. All these stories can be found in Youth (Y) Fiction. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.
Adler More Than a Horse    (Twelve-year-old Leeann and her new friends win the friendship of a crusty wrangler.)
Appelt The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp    (Can twelve-year-old Chap and two raccoons prevent ecological disaster down at the swamp?)
Barrow Saving Zasha    (Thirteen-year-old Mikhail and his family brave treason to keep Zasha, who brought to them by a dying man.)
Corcoran Wolf at the Door    (Living in the shadow of her beautiful and talented younger sister, Lee cares for a wolf pack that needs protection from cattle ranchers.)
George Julie of the Wolves    (A thirteen-year-old Inuit girl escaping a forced marriage becomes lost and is befriended by a wolf pack.)
Graham A Boy and His Bear    (Dickson rescues his bear cub friend from certain death at the hands of bear catchers in Medieval England. Told in part from the point of view of the cub.)
Hart Shadow Horse    ( Thirteen-year-old Jas tries to prove that the owner of the farm where she works has killed her favorite horse, Whirlwind.)
Hesse The Music of Dolphins    (A teen girl who was raised by dolphins attempts to fit into human culture.)
Hiaasen Hoot    (Roy helps save a colony of burrowing owls from a proposed construction site.)
Hobbs Bearstone    (A troubled Indian boy goes to live with an elderly rancher whose caring ways help the boy become a man.)
Kadohata Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam    (A young soldier in Vietnam bonds with his bomb-sniffing dog.)
Koja Straydog    (Rachel, a teenager with a healthy dose of both aptitude and attitude, begins to feel at home volunteering at an animal shelter.)
Lester The Snow Pony    ( Prolonged drought has strained Dusty's ranching family to the breaking point, but she finds consolation with her wild and beautiful horse.)
Napoli North    (Inspired by the life of African American explorer Matthew Henson, twelve-year-old Alvin spends a season with a trapper near the Arctic Circle.)
Nowra Into That Forest    (After surviving a flood and two years among Tasmanian tigers,two girls are rescued and must try to readjust to human life.)
O'Brien Lara's Gift    (In 1914 Russia, it would be rare for a woman to become a kennel steward. But Lara has special bond with the dogs.)
Paulsen Dogsong    (A fourteen-year-old Inuit boy takes a 1400-mile journey by dogsled.)
Paulsen Road Trip    (A father and son embark on a road trip to save a homeless border colli.)
Peyton Blind Beauty    (Tessa's passion for riding and her love for an ugly horse named Buffoon help her endure an unhappy life with a hateful stepfather.)
Pinkwater Cloud Horse    (Kate inherits a legacy of understanding and love for the free-spirited cloud horses of Iceland from a beautiful Viking girl.)
Pyron The Dogs of Winter    (Ivan escapes his abusive family in Moscow and finds protection in a wolf pack.)
Rawls Summer of the Monkeys    (A fourteen-year-old boy finds a tree full of monkeys along an old Ozark river. His grandpa says there is a handsome reward for anyone who can catch them. )
Skurzynski The Hunted    (The Landon family travels to Glacier National Park to investigate why grizzly bear cubs are disappearing and becomes involved with a ten-year-old Mexican runaway boy.)
Smiley The Georges and the Jewels    (first in a series about Abby Lovitt,who lives on a California horse ranch.)
Wallace Red Dog    (Living in the rugged, often dangerous, Wyoming mountains in the 1860's, twelve-year-old Adam is left in charge of the household during his stepfather's absence.)
Wedekind A Horse of Her Own    (Jane,who cares for the horses of rich girls at Sunny Acres farm, helps train a beautiful but skittish new horse.)
Willis Dog Gone    (A pack of wild dogs is loose. Can Dill find her missing dog and keep him out of trouble? )
Young Finny and the Boy from Horse Mountain    (With the help of an injured runaway, Finny learns how to train the old, neglected horse she's just acquired.)

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