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"Loving Frank," by Nancy Horan

(2008 Selection)

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Frank Lloyd Wright Sites on Chicago's North Shore

Book cover of Loving Frank

Ward W. Willits House
1445 Sheridan Road, Highland Park (1901)

Mary Adams House
1923 Lake Avenue, Highland Park (1905)

Hiram Baldwin House
205 Essex, Kenilworth (1905)

Charles A. Brown House
2420 Harrison Street, Evanston (1905)

William A. Glasner House
850 Sheridan Road, Glencoe (1905)

George M. Millard House
1689 Lake Avenue, Highland Park (1906)

Frank J. Baker House
507 Lake Avenue, Wilmette (1909)

Sherman Booth Cottage
239 Franklin, Glencoe, (1911)

Sherman Booth House
265 Sylvan Road, Glencoe (1915)

Edmund F. Brigham House
790 Sheridan Road, Glencoe (1915)

Lewis E. Burleigh House
330 Gregory Avenue, Wilmette (1915)

William F. Kier House
1031 Meadow Road, Glencoe (1915)

Lute F. Kissam House
1023 Meadow Road, Glencoe (1915)

Charles R. Perry House
272 Sylvan Road, Glencoe (1915)

Ravine Bluffs Markers and Bridge
Glencoe (1915)

Hollis R. Root House
1030 Meadow Road, Glencoe (1915)

William F. Ross House
1027 Meadow Road, Glencoe (1915)

Oscar A. Johnson House
2614 Lincolnwood Drive, Evanston (1917)

Charles F. Glore House
170 Mayflower Avenue, Lake Forest (1951)

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