State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

(2012 selection)

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Photos below were taken on May 20, when author Ann Patchett visited Wilmette to discuss "State of Wonder."

Rows 1-3: Ms. Patchett spoke to a filled auditorium at the Wilmette Jr. High School auditorium.  (Photos by John Weinstein)

Row 4: After her talk, Ms. Patchett signed books for eager audience members. (Photo on left by John Weinstein)

Row 5: Ms. Patchett autographed the library's poster that announced her visit.  Below her name, she wrote: (I love the library!)

Photos below were taken at the various 2012 "One Book" events that took place during the six weeks prior to Ms. Patchett's visit.

Row 1: Alaka Wali, Curator and Applied Cultural Research Director at The Field Museum of Natural History, discussed "Seekers of Refuge: The Amazon's Hidden Peoples." (Photos by John Weinstein)

Row 2: Well-known local book discussion faciliatator and reviewer Judy Levin led a discussion of the book.

Row 3: Brian Spear, retired Director of Scientific Affairs at Abbott Laboratories' Department of Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development, presented a progam on "New Drug Discovery: How & Why."

Row 4: The library sponsored a field trip to The Field Museum, where participants "Explored the Amazon" at the museum's new exhibition on conservation. (Photos by John Weinstein)

Funding for "One Book, Everybody Reads" is made possible by Friends of the Wilmette Public Library.

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